Farewell for Peter Unger Sat 15th Nov

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Farewell for Peter Unger Sat 15th Nov

Postby geoffcnc » Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:44 pm

Many club members know Peter Unger, some have known him for a long time. Although I have only known Peter for a couple of years, we have done a few things in the last year or two that have made my BMW experience more worthwhile.

Peter is moving to NZ next week, so I thought it fitting that we have at least one last session over a few drinks and some burnt offerings off the BBQ. Although I am in the middle or construction projects and renovations at home, amongst other things, there is a venue, the BBQ gas bottle is full, the spa is hot and the pool sparkling. Take it as it comes.

Peter and I will be doing some reasonably serious celebrating, even if we do it alone will be worthwhile. But if others from the club who would like to join in a few drinks (or more), simply BYO drinks and food offerings, 'cos I won't be doing much catering other than the venue.....got a lot of other things on my plate. And if you want to get serious, there is tent space on the lawn to save driving home. Plenty of bike parking.

We will most probably continue on to Farrells on Sunday morning for breakfast.

Contact me via PM (private message) or mobile 0407 542440 to confirm that you will/may come and I'll give you the address. Time is 7:30PM on Saturday 15th. respect my neighbors, no hoons.
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