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Front axle adaptors

Postby geoffcnc » Tue May 19, 2009 11:36 am

For those of you with R1200GS and other bikes where you need a 22mm Hex to undo your front axle, I have made an adaptor with 22mm Hex on one end and 17mm Hex on the other end to fit the spanner that is normally in your limited BMW toolkit. total length is 30mm with 15mm for each Hex size. 8mm hole thru the middle to lighten a bit.

I have made 9 of these at this stage but can make more if people want them. Just that time is a bit precious at the moment.

Cost is $25-00 ea with $5- going to the club. First in best dressed for your trip to Carnegie or Baladjie. Sorry I didn't have them at last Sunday's breakfast, sh*t happened at the last minute. Will have them this week though, or if you want to pick one up call me 0407542440.

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