No Sunday Ride Even with Bozo

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No Sunday Ride Even with Bozo

Postby Bozo » Sun May 21, 2017 4:07 pm

A very select group attended the Sunday service at Cats.

The Corbin connoisseur had ridden in from the Wheatbelt complete with mini me pillion, Jack and Kenny had one their aged stables, BJ had two of his bikes there courtesy of a visitor from the US, Peter, Drew was showing pictures of Akrapovic bling, Swampy was 4WD transported, Cookie was on the outside with Karen in the warm inside. Jono arrived with the new T Shirts and HR Griceness arrived at a suitably royal hour. Brian /5 brought a mob and Antony and Trish drifted in as the rain cleared. Beanies or some form of woollen headgear were the order of the day including for Nev.

We may have to change Chris' name to His Royal Greaseness after a mix up with his coffee order.

The vacant shop a few doors along has been converted into a carribean eatery and the brightly clad, short sleeved promoters were finding it hard to attract custom on a wintry day.

I had driven 2,500 km over the past two days and was not up for a ride but Drew was keen to head north and find a bakery.

Good to catch up with the mob again despite the banter about arriving in a car (the second time in over 5 years).

Normal service could be resumed for a ride next week.

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