Wapet (Kidson) Track

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Wapet (Kidson) Track

Postby bowewilson@gmail.com » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:23 pm

I have recently driven down the Wapet Track and thought I would make some comments in case some of you adventure riders were contemplating heading up in that part of the Northwest.
It runs between Wallal Downs on the NW highway between Sandfire and Pardoo southeast to the Telfer / Kunawarritji Rd a distance of about 500km, it took us about 48hrs for the trip, we were in no rush.
90% of the first 300kms we could comfortably sit on 60 kmh on reasonable road, there was a couple of sections that were badly eroded, no problem just made another track through the spinifex, there was also sections of washed sand generally short, with the exception of one section which was about 3k's (a couple of bits needed 4wd to comfortably traverse).
At about the 300 km mark there was a track off to the east to an oil drilling site, from this point on the road became 2 wheel track with partially overgrown wattles in the low areas, odd bits of erosion and sand, this went on for about 150km before reaching the last 50km which was good track following a lake system through to the Telfer Rd.

Some points

There is no water along the track contray to what the maps say.
There are about 7 sand dunes to cross, these are all sheeted with gravel however some are eroded quite badly (no problem on a bike with care, we had to do some roadworks to get through).
There is a mining camp turnoff about a 100km from the west end (need to check the distance)
There is very little traffic, we saw nobody, there is a memorial to an army guy who was killed out there on patrol in 1994 (accident of some sort) the visitor book showed 2 other entries for 2017, the numbers of travellers seemed to be declining over the last 10 years.
The dreaded sand, there wasn't much of it, dial up your "A" game, otherwise paddle!

This is some of the most featureless landscapes I have seen in Oz, you are a long way from help, even the CSR has some traffic, if I still had the X Challenge and someone else to ride with it would be a great ride certainly not the most difficult track some of you guys would have done.

If I think of anything else I will add to the spiel
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Re: Wapet (Kidson) Track

Postby _Wilks » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:43 pm

Good report thanks Bowe. Very handy info for anyone contemplating riding that track.

Not sure if I'm up to it these days - the mind is willing, but the body...
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