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Postby Dickens Cider » Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:52 am

Hi Y'all, as above, newbie here.
My name is Steve, I'm having a mid life crisis, called an R1100GS, 97, or 99? Bought as 99, rego sez '97.
Have had plenty of older bmw cars, still have e34 530i 370K's I've had for 11 years!
So I used to kick around with some bikers 20+ years ago, never really had my own bike, but used to hoon around on country rds (NZ) on the older Triumphs, few HD's etc.
So roll forward to middle age 55, bucket lists and all that. I hauled in my procrastination and put my hand in my pocket. Paid $3.5 for it, new tyres and a Staintune pipe, not fitted, Ohlins gas shocks, apparently lowered?
Kind of overestimated my skill level, bit scary the frst few times out on WA roads with traffic, but few months on we've all settled down a bit.
I do a few miles, I only have road tyres, but I get out back on gravel rds and a few tracks.
My expectations of my experience, and the bikes physical capabilities differed somewhat. Definitely does not like beaten up 4wd tracks and pea gravel.
Picking it up can be a real challenge when it's lying on it's side, cast like a pregnant cow... So pretty much avoid those situations.
Problems; it has a low seat, and I'm tall, and heavy. Have a 2-3 hour riding window before my ass turns to tenderised steak. (swap anyone)?
I've changed the oil and filters, and plugs. Has a slight miss, so looking at new set of leads and coils, sometime, budget permitting. Altenators getting a bit rowdy.
I bought this bike to get out and about, do a bit of bush bashing, never gunner be a show and shine.
I live down Rockingham way, so close to hills and dams.
I can see why people call these bikes a tractor, has a a ton of torque, and the gearbox/driveshaft set up is a trick for the unititiated.
I think I have problems here, but I'm not sure what normal is...
2nd gear whines like an old nag, and God help you if you shift down to 2nd, the freakin thing near twists around under me. I've looked up some about the gbox, apparently this is just normal for a Getrag...
Now don't be frying me, I said I was a newbie and I don't know how to navigate this site, so stash the napalm.
I don't know if you have subforums for oilheads etc?
Really I need to ask a question, Recently, a couple of times I've had to pass a vehicle with limited future potential vision, so I've cracked i open from 110 to 130/140 as my manouvre dictates.
The damn thing has given a big bang, under load. Scares shit outa me 140 an on wrong side of rd etc.
Not exactly sure whats going on, which makes it hard to search for a term. Feels like it's jumped out of gear a second, then back in, the whole drivetrain gives a big bang. I thought maybe it's the ignition or fuel, but unlikely, apart from dropping a piston or rod... Possibly could be the subframe shifting?
I'm anticipating rebuilding the driveline, which I didn't see coming, but have limited knowledge and don't have a shop budget for this.
I reckon it could do with a lower 1st and a closer agp between 2 & 3rd.
I'd be interested in advice, or spare parts, I believe I can fit a later model, say 1200 6 speed box and possibly hydraulic clutch?
But can I simply replace whole rear swing and drive assembly?
Obviously don't know too much about them...
So here's hoping somebody can point me in the right direction!!
Dickens Cider
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Re: Newbie

Postby spacey1 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:11 pm

Hi Steve,
If you're serious about questions of R1100 GS nature, rock up at Catalano's in Vic Park from 7.30am - 9.00am on most any Sunday mornings...
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