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Postby Swampy » Sat Jul 04, 2020 4:55 pm

Jon O has lead this fine club ably and well over the last seven years but has regrettably decided to step aside this year!!

I wish to personally thank you Jon for his brilliant leadership, dedication and friendship since I first became a member of the club!!

I believe you have breathed new life into the club and you can be very proud of your achievements since you have been President!!

Now you are stepping aside I believe we have a very capable successor ready and able to step into your shoes ready to take on the responsibilities that go hand in hand to now lead our club into the future.
Graeme Cooke (Cookie) has been heavily involved in the club as Vice President for some time now and I believe he has all the attributes required and the necessary skills to take on the role as President.

Graeme has a PROVEN track record of his dedication to this clubs service, arranging many successful club rides and events over the years and is also a REGULAR and popular attendee at the Clubs Sunday morning Breakfasts at Catalano's.

Jon, Thank you so very much for your service and all you have done for this club and I hope you will still remain involved in the committee in some capacity?

I for one will now strongly support and vote for Greame Cooke to take over the reins as President of this club to carry on your excellent work and to lead us into the future!!

My Very Best Wishes to you

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Postby Goldie1 » Sat Jul 04, 2020 7:50 pm

Well said Swampy Over the last number of years Jono as president & Cookie as 2nd in charge (doing his apprenticeship ) and people that have served on various committees have done extremely well through a couple of trying times. It’s good to see a couple of younger members have put there hands up to take up positions on the committee
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Postby jono » Sun Jul 05, 2020 12:46 pm

Thanks Swampy and Goldie and thanks to the support of fellow committee members and volunteers past and present over the last 13 years, its a team effort and I/we have been fortunate to have such a good team. I would like to acknowledge and thank John W who has served for a number of years as Secretary, JP who has for the past 2 years published our Chronicle as well as masterfully MC'ing some of our events and Noel who runs a great tuning day, you have been a great asset to the cub and as you also step down this year I for one hope you continue to be an active and vocal part of the club going forward.

Thanks to Graeme (Cookie) and previously Bill for their work as VP, Karen for stepping in last year in the role of treasurer, Alex and Nev whose technical skill and willingness to share has helped so many members with their bikes. There are many others who have helped share the load and given their time and expertise. I will thank you all in person rather than go on at length here. We are fortunate that there will be some steady and experienced hands standing for re election this year, and some very welcome new faces. The fresh enthusiasm and ideas they bring will lift the whole team and I look forward to helping them in any way I can.

I encourage all members who can attend to participate in this years AGM and election at the Vic Park hotel on Monday 13th July from 7:30pm. The more you participate in the club the more you will get out of it.

Thanks to all for your past support. I look forward to continuing the friendship on rides and events to come.
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Postby BillB » Sun Jul 05, 2020 2:00 pm

Jon I would like to acknowledge the time you have spent on the committee of the club over a 7 year period.
I served on the committee for 4 years up till 2018, the last two as your Vice President and while there appreciated your wise and steady hand leading the club to what it is today. I gained a lot of knowledge while serving on the committee and represented our club on a number occasions at the offical BMW CLUBS AUST meetings. While attending these meetings I realised the importance of what BMW expected from their sponsored and recognised clubs and part of that was attracting all BMW bike owners to enjoy owning, riding and mixing with other owners to make owning a BMW bike a pleasant and fulfilling experience.
If elected President, I hope to make an effort to keep the current format of the club that the current members enjoy without demising their current enjoyment belonging to the club and as discussed on our Facebook page I have a few ideas how to make the club more diverse attracting new or non active member bike owners into our club.
The current club format generally appeals well with current members who indicate they are happy with the club as more of a social club rather than representing the majority of WA BMW-bike owners that have disregarded joining our club for various reasons.
I intend to try and make the club more representative for all BMW bike owners.
For my ideas how to achieve this it’s all there on our Facebook page....
Jon, I hope you will remain on the committee to help me take the club into this new phase and look forward to rejuvenating my service towards the BMWMCCWA membership as the club PRESIDENT.
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Postby davebeemer1 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 8:18 pm

In order to know which direction a club must go, a person needs to regularly participate in club events, rides and meetings talking with a wide range of people in the club to hear what they want, bring up members wants at monthly meetings in order to better the club, not what you want without consultation of members.
After last year's election you told me you would committ to attend and participate more at club events but we have rarely seen you at at all since the last election.
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