A Stranger in Town

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A Stranger in Town

Postby Swampy » Mon Sep 07, 2020 5:56 pm

The stranger eased himself in his saddle as he paused at the top of the tree covered ranges before slowly descending down the long dusty trail that wound it's way into the small town just visible through the mist in the distant valley!

The rider was weary after a long hard day in the saddle after rising before dawn to mount up and ease his way up the hills to the east as he caught the sound of the early birds calling in the soft morning light.
The sun crept slowly over the ranges to bring light and colour to the otherwise drab plain landscape as it slowly stirred life from the local folk as they arose to prepare themselves for another days toil and servitude to their masters whilst they pondered and thought of the day they could finally sever their ties and escape from the humdrum labour and dull endless days of boredom and despair to finally be free to call the day their own.

The sun was by now shining directly overhead in a clear and cloudless sky as the rider descended through endless pastures of vivid green wheat and Barley with the beautiful sweeps of the bright yellow flowers of the Canola crops contrasting vividly against the verdant green.

The rider was of average height and build and appeared to be of mature years as determined by the fully white beard that adorned his face.

His apparel was ordinary and plain but was of hard wearing quality appropriate to his current lifestyle.

He wore a heavy jacket to protect himself from the elements over a plain and non descript shirt with black jean style riding pants which covered his black leather boots which were well oiled and glistened in the sun!!

He wore well weathered and worn gloves on his hands as he lightly guided his mount along the long and dusty track towards the distant town.

He was relaxed and at peace with the world and held no concerns or worries as he had cut his ties to all kinds of servitude and labour for others some ten short years previous and was free to travel and roam as he wished with no shackles to bind him down!

He eased back his pace as entered the town and idled up it's main street observing dwellings, busineses's and property which appeared to have prospered over the ensuing years into a thriving lively community.

The townsfolk appeared to be friendly as they nodded and smiled in greeting as he slowly meandered on into the town bustling centre with an abundance of hotels and eating establishments being well catered to by both locals and visitors.

He notice what appeared to be an old obsolete Wheat Mill on one corner and further on a large bridge crossing a river heavily swollen by the plentiful Winter rains.

Observing an eating establishment close to the hub of the town and adjacent to a church with a small dirt lane running between, he eased his mount into this lane and slowly dismounted, stretching his travel weary bones as he did so.

A couple of elderly locals were sitting in the lane chatting idly while watching the town drift by.

One of them noticed the rider and in a friendly tone enquired "Come far Fellah?

"Yep" the stranger replied "Nice town you have here"!!

"Yep" replied the local as the rider strolled across the lane into the eating house loosening his heavy jacket.

"How can I help you sir"? asked the pretty young girl serving in the eatery.

"I will take a coffee and do you serve chips? the stranger enquired.

"Sure do, Take a seat they won't be long" said the pretty young thing.

Easing himself into a chair behind a single table the rider slowly relaxed as he idly observed the comings and goings along the main street as town folk slowly wandered past going about their business and chatting in small groups.

The coffee and food did much to refresh the weary elderly traveller and as he was enjoying the ambience of the premises so much he took himself a second refreshing coffee.

The people appear to be friendly without being nosy or pushy....Yes this is a nice town!!

Not withstanding all it's attractions the rider reluctantly decided it was time to continue his journey as he slowly rose from the table and fastened his jacket as he crossed the lane back to his mount.

As he slowly swung his leg over his saddled and eased himself down he turned to the two old timers and said "This is a very nice town guys, What's it called?"

"Toodyay young fellah Toodyay" the old man replied as the rider slowly made his way back down the main street and out of town!

The End

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Re: A Stranger in Town

Postby Ross Higgins » Mon Sep 07, 2020 6:25 pm

Everything except :idea: .......... was the weary rider Moondyne Joe :?: :roll:
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Re: A Stranger in Town

Postby pspencer » Sat Sep 12, 2020 7:11 am

An elegant piece of prose. I don’t think I’ll bother with any more of my mundane ride reports as I cannot compete with that. Was his mount a young filly named Elsie??? It sounds like the rider was the notorious Toodyay Kid, with a reputation of returning to the little hamlet again and again and again again.
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