Flood Foray

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Flood Foray

Postby Bozo » Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:55 pm

A small group at Catalano's this morning including Jack who was trying to turn a pannier into a top box, Wes who managed to find a window in the wet week to mow his lawns, Jamie who had pictures of the flooded fields around Guildford, BJ sporting a unique air head T Shirt, Wightman who apparently has owned most pre 1990 pannier sets in WA, his royal Griceness giving tips on positivity and Robbo who looked like he had already sampled a few gravel roads.

Rosco, GS Bill + Trish, German Paul and Bozo decided to sample the flooded locations near to Perth. The weather had obviously damaged a fence producing a herd of goats happily chewing the green pick on the side of Roe Highway. On Toodyay Road only the strength of the high voltage power lines was holding up a fallen tree whilst Western Power workers thought through how to sort the precarious position out. On Campersic Road the group was passed by a hoon speed sports bike. Stopping at the Bells Rapids Look Out it was clear there was a lot of flow going down the Avon River. Taking Lancewood to O'Brien Road we were soon on Gidgegannup where a BP Service Station was becoming a Shell Service Station and a Shell Service Station was having the final touches to being a Vibe Service Station. Pausing a Noble Falls it was clear that the flow had been much higher the day before. Rosco left us at Bailup Road and we continued to Toodyay with a deviation to the Dumbarton Road Bridge across an angry Avon River.

Chunky Beef pies were the popular order at the Toodyay Bakery before the journey resumption along Julimar Road. The bridge across the Avon River at West Toodyay was packed with onlookers as if they were expecting a new flood peak or damage to the bridge.

A quick blast through the Chittering Valley with the group splitting up at Pearce. The roads were in surprisingly good nick and no rain. A very pleasant ride despite the strong wind.

Reaching the Swan Valley there were two Kilometre traffic tail backs and a breathalyser stop as the area was packed with rubberneckers looking at the floods and purchasing fresh produce. Each of the bridges over the Swan had hundreds of cars parked at them.

An interesting day for a small group ride. Thanks to German Paul for doing tail end Charlie duties.

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