Brian/500 Trip with Pizza

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Brian/500 Trip with Pizza

Postby Bozo » Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:41 pm

The good weather brought out a slew of riders with some of our more distant members attending breakfast.

Murray, Mrs P and entourage all rode up from Esperance to join the great unwashed. Cookie was showing pictures of his new family member, a Yamaha 175, sourced from Quairading.

Brian/5 clearly impressed with Westpac turning 200, wanted his odometer to turn 500, so he hatched a plan to ride in a big 500km loop through Dwellingup, Quindanning, Collie and the Ferguson Valley. Trying to encourage other participants he said "I am pretty sure we can get Pizza in Pile Road if we do 500kms" or was it we will get piles if we do 500kms to Piaveneni Road?

The BMW crochet club were not keen on big loops so German Paul, BillB and Patrick only travelled as far as Dwellingup. The other four, Brian/5, Robbie, Herman and Bozo continued on but not before inspecting a series of roadworks in the vicinity of Lowlands Road.

We took the Lower Hotham Road which was excellent despite the warnings of road issues. We were almost the only patrons at the Quindanning Hotel when we arrived at 11:00 pm. After a hydration break we took the twisty Quindanning Darkan Road before linking into the Williams Collie Road to arrive in Collie. A quick refuel and then on to Wellington Dam to take the recently sealed link from the dam to Pile Road.

A few minutes later we were ordering Pizzas at the Wild Bull Brewery to the sound of live country music. A very pleasant location complete with three motorcycle bays on level ground right near the front door.

A quick flight along the scarp on Henty Road before taking the winding Sandalwood Road/Martin Road/Mornington Road detour.

Fresh from our visit to a brewery we were waved through a breathalyser stop at Harvey before taking Honeymoon Road to do a loop around the back of Harvey Dam.

Herman turned off on Coronation Road avoiding the detritus of the Australian Car Day that was disassembling from the Waroona Showground. We came across plenty of ancient Fords and Holdens smoking their way back to Perth.

The group split up at Byford.

An excellent days ride covering over 500kms and consuming quality wood fired pizza.

Thanks to Brian/5 or Brian/Pizza for the idea of the ride and doing tail end Charlie duties complete with fluoro vest.

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Re: Brian/500 Trip with Pizza

Postby brian/5 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:39 pm

Thanks guys for great company and to Bozo for knowing the best roads,
No one got lost. Main Roads were heavily policed observing several traffic cars,
a camera as well as a breathalyser stop.
Just for the record the 500 clocked over 86000 on the GS.
The destination was not for the latte set as it was a brewery not a bakery but a great venue none the less.

Next Sunday possibility could try Collie again but for the historic bike racing.

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Re: Brian/500 Trip with Pizza

Postby Bozo » Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:12 pm

Motorcycles get front door parking at the Wild Bull Brewery.

Brian/500, Hermann and Reggie in the background


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