Sunday ride to York M/C Festival

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Sunday ride to York M/C Festival

Postby BillB » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:27 pm

10 riders headed for the hills, Mundaring Weir Rd, onto The Lakes , Yarra Rd, west Talbot Rd then arriving in York to spread out amongst the huge football stadium like crowd of M/C enthusiasts. Dinger limped into town with his front tyre rapidly losing its air after we tried to inflate it 5 ks back on the West Talbot Rd.
There were bikes everywhere, it was hard trying to find a space to park up. There were numerous kiosks with various bike brands trying to sell new bikes and other M / C gear, food and all sorts of things. A stunt rider showed incredible skill whizzing around his circuit with mind blowing stunts.
A very successful event for York, they should be very happy with its success.
The club guys had scattered so most left at their own times. Kots and myself decided that a pie at Bakers Hill was the way to go and as Avon terrace was closed we set the GPS for another route to get to the destination. It took us West of town and then down a tar road which then became gravel.We were both on road bikes that didn't particularly handle loose gravel that well and Kots was on his new bike which hadn't sniffed the dirt yet, so we stopped , deliberated and decided to go for it as it was only 30 km or so to the Great Eastern Hwy and then of another 15 km of tar to the pie shop.
All went remarkably well although the K 1200 LT got a bit shook up with the corrugations and felt like it was going to drop off much of its bits and pieces.
Arriving at the pie shop everything still appeared to be in place, we had our pie fix and headed home :P

[img]8a19b116-4d77-444f-a23c-74b7fea50507 1,200×1,600 pixels ... b7fea50507[/img]
Re-grouping where we discovered Dingers tyre had gone down

[img]5751c928-2641-445b-82c6-ff79db1acae4 1,200×1,600 pixels ... 79db1acae4[/img]

[img]8d5511fa-d66f-49df-a475-dfd5205d9d51 1,200×1,600 pixels ... d5205d9d51[/img]

[img]a0a4ec30-e90f-49e0-a5f1-55a9fc575bd6 1,200×1,600 pixels ... a9fc575bd6[/img]
[img]f5760109-62c6-491c-8f66-2d13c7c30e99 1,200×1,600 pixels ... 13c7c30e99[/img]
[img]e7b44ce7-9cb8-4879-9ca4-35cad584a0e6 1,200×1,600 pixels ... cad584a0e6[/img]
[img]8f50c260-f335-4ad9-95f0-4c3a959c6c8a 1,200×1,600 pixels
Finding somewhere to park :mrgreen: ... 3a959c6c8a[/img]

[img]6771098a-f091-43f8-adac-77c68fd71d4d 1,200×1,600 pixels ... c68fd71d4d[/img]
Tar bikes riding on dirt :?
[img]33c3c179-8ab3-48cb-aba6-98f674b8aa75 1,200×1,600 pixels ... f674b8aa75[/img]

[img]cfa72b45-ae93-4604-b455-6a6bb49b61f4 1,200×1,600 pixels ... 6bb49b61f4[/img]
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Re: Sunday ride to York M/C Festival

Postby Kots » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:35 am

Today's Club breakfast and ride to York was great. Keeping an eye on the Where's Wally / Trainspotters spot tracker it was determined they'd be doing the dirt and it would be unlikely that we'd catch up with them on the road. After some discussion Bill and I headed off to Bakers Hill Pie Shop. It may have been that the Trainspotters were close to York but there was little certainty.

After being routed along a gravel road we got to the Bakers Hill Pie Shop. There were two types of folks there. The peddlers and the others. All the peddlers were there from at least 20k away. They were skinny and resting or recharging. The rest of us were just recharging and impressed. Our bikes were a bit dusty and we did manage to impress at least one granny! We finished our tucker then headed down Great Eastern Highway.

Coming down the hill through Greenmount the traffic slowed. Bellevue saw it come to a stand still. There may have been some lane splitting which resulted in us getting on to Roe Highway. It was an over width, over height escorted vehicle that was slowing all the traffic for miles. It was right in the middle of the highway. I took the first opportunity to turn and head the other way. This was in the direction of my folks. A cup of tea with the folks and a pressure clean for the bike were now on the agenda.

As I rode past Bill, I waved and signalled the road was blocked, but I don't think he knew why I was waiving my hand round.

I eventually turned off West Swan Road on to Benara Road. As I did I noticed a car coming out of the Seven Eleven. Cars were coming towards me on Benara Road, and there was only about 40m between the cars heading my way. Then the car at the servo entered the space between us. Everyone except the car leaving the servo braked heavily. Miraculously, no collision. Then equally miraculously the person from the servo started blasting her horn and abusing every one around her. Unbelievable!

Nothing to say from me. Just don't crash or get whacked from someone else.

Got to the folks and the servo drama was quickly forgotten. The important business of getting the tea and biscuits ordered, organised and devoured went like clockwork. Chatting to the folks is always priceless.

In 15 minutes the bike pressure clean, towel down and droplet blow off quickly removed the remnants from the gravel ride as well as the 1200km Easter ride. The bike was looking brand new. Not only brand new, but clean brand new! Job done.

Off home. My phone was in a pocket I don't usually carry it in. I pulled over, stopped and changed the phone to my preferred pocket. As I looked up to check the road before indicating and moving I watched a car fail to take the corner I would otherwise would've been stopped at. It came across the exact place I would have been stopped at before turning out to the main road.

I watched and realised just how lucky I was. I stayed calm and did not say anything. I just rode home. Watching, riding and watching.

Geez the new bike is good.

Thanks for a great day everyone.

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Re: Sunday ride to York M/C Festival

Postby BillB » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:06 pm

30 km of dirt to get The New Kots bike "blooded"
BEWARE .... I'm looking at your teeth .....
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