Short Circuit Sunday

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Short Circuit Sunday

Postby Bozo » Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:07 pm

An average mob at Catalano's this morning.

Good to see Peter RT back without his moonboot (from tennis?), Richard on his 1200C and Spandau Ballet visit from the bush.

His Royal Griceness, Peter RT, Kim + Andrea, Herman, Karl, David, Swampy and Bozo took advantage of the stunning riding weather to do a popular loop through the scarp. Ducking around the back of the airport we took Campersic Road and Connemara Drive to get to Lancewood Avenue and its steep "woops". We then twisted our way through O'Brien Road and Clenton Road.

At the intersection of Clenton and Berry Road we came across a bike accident. A sports bike, despite very heavy braking went through the T Junction and hit the reflective sign. The front of the bike was a mess but it seemed the rider was OK as we were given the thumbs up by the gathered group and continued on down Berry Road. The roadworks on Toodyay Road seem to be taking forever and provided a good excuse to stop at the Gidgiegannup Bakery. Before you could say Tail End Charlie, Swampy was wolfing into a potato pie and getting stuck into the other members who had assembled for the Gidgiegannup Group Therapy Session. How ballet and dishwashing got to be part of the discussion was a mystery.

A meat loaf disciple blasted our ears as he arrived on his Harley and we departed down Bunning Road. The group got progressively smaller as the ride passed through Mundaring Weir Road and then Patterson Road in the Bickley Valley to terminate at the BP Lesmurdie.

A brilliant day to be out for a ride with tons of other motorcyclists. Thanks to Swampy for being Tail End Charlie.

Nice to go on a ride not involving rain and mud.

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Re: Short Circuit Sunday

Postby Swampy » Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:49 pm

Thanks Bozo for leading us on another brilliant ride and yes it was fantastic weather to be out and about on a bike. I'm amazed that you can lob home after flying in from Melbourne at 0130hrs in the morning and still turn up at Cat's looking refreshed and ready to lead us mob out on another great ride??

You are amazing and I hope your back has not suffered since like last year "Fixing up the Dish Washer"?? :lol:
And your Royal Griceness I hope you persevere with your ballet stretching exercises whilst riding your "Chook Chaser" and pray that you don't have the misfortune to suffer a tank slapper in the process as It may lead to some interesting and delicate surgery :shock:

A good mob of people partook of today's ride and I enjoyed a good laugh at the Gidgey Bakery and was the recipient of some laughs at my expense whilst also giving some out.

I apologise if I offended anyone in any way with my twisted sense of humour and thank you all for a great day out 8)

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