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Toodyay Ten

Postby Bozo » Sun May 28, 2017 2:20 pm

A chilly but welcome clear day saw a good turn out at Catalano's. Sleepy Paul was back from Iceland and was revelling in the balmy weather but still having to think about which side of the road was which. Colin talked in hushed tones about a trip to a wet place...was it Holland? Lefty made sure no aspect of the taste spectrum was left unstimulated and Kenny turned up on his R69S.

A few old club members were also about and Guy was almost about to load his ammo boxes with magazines.

Ten headed out to Toodyay in perfect riding weather. Tom, Peter, German Paul, Trevor, Jean, Braam, BillB, Drew, Dinga and Bozo idled along Albany Highway and Welshpool Road before getting a clear run on Kewdale Road. Passing the demolished Caltex on Toodyay Road the group turned into Campersic Road before hitting the woops on Lancewood Drive. Drew wanted to get a shot of the group descending into the woops but this was made messy by the arrival of two vehicles that split up the group.

Later in the ride Dinga discovered that his rear number plate had jammed under his rear mud guard and was scalping his tyre. He thought that the full suspension travel induced by the woops may have been the cause.

O'Brien Road was relatively clear of gravel and gumnuts and a delight to roar through the variety of twists and turns. Emerging on to Toodyay Road at Berry Road we only travelled a short distance before another deviation on to the bumpy Bailup Road. Taking Burma Road we were soon in Wundowie to take Coates Road to Bakers Hill and then the Clackline-Toodyay Road. Milliseconds after arriving in Toodyay BillB had secured a Dorper pie. Dave McCain and Beemer Dave were at the Coca Cola Café. Dave McCain was on his iconic K1 (less than 7,000 units were produced world wide) which was running "like a top".

After a variety of high calorific diversions we took Julimar Road and the Chittering Valley back to the Metro Area.

Great to get out with a group on such a magic day.

Thanks to BillB for taking on the role of Tail End Charlie.

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Re: Toodyay Ten

Postby goodguy » Mon May 29, 2017 7:56 pm

Top bloke Dave McCain, sure he will be at the Numduc rally this weekend.
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