Haunted by hatchbacks

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Haunted by hatchbacks

Postby Bozo » Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:34 pm

The long week end and brilliant weather produced a massive turn out at Catalano's this morning. Good to see new bikes and new faces.

A big Sunday ride was expected but a few of the regulars pulled out with excuses like glassing and prescription drugs.

Eight made it to the starting line but a normally ultra reliable bike suffered incontinence in the float region cutting the crew to seven.

Peter, T1 Trevor, Taranaki Trevor, Kim, Bozo, Angela and Swampy formed two groups to rendezvous in Waroona. Bozo's group took Canning Road, Canning Mills Road, Albany Highway, South West Highway, Nettleton Road, Kingsbury Drive and Del Park Road to get to Dwellingup. Unfettered by a large group Swampy and Angela hit Dwellingup first to observe mainstreet policing.

Bozo's group had been held up by numerous white hatchbacks travelling at 20 kph below the speed limit. It seemed that every body had decided to take a drive through the hills and give the concession card an airing. This changed in Lane Poole where it was slow moving SUVs. The road cleared after Nanga campsite to allow us to enjoy the sweeping bends.

The main group was greeted at Waroona by Swampy's visage camouflaged with a potato pie. Soon the group were similarly occupied before heading home via East Coolup Road, Pinjarra, Corio Road, Hopelands Road, Lowlands Road and Kargotich Road.

Excellent day for a ride with large groups of motorbikes also on the road. Shame about the plethora of pensioners drifting along in their hatchbacks going slow in the corners and accelerating in the straights.

Thanks to Swampy for helping logistics by leading the splinter group and for the ever correct Kim (it was a right hand corner) for running tail end Charlie duties.

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Re: Haunted by hatchbacks

Postby Swampy » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:14 pm

It was a great day for a ride with some magnificent weather enticing a large mob out for brekkie at Cat's.

It was good to catch up with with some old and new faces, just a shame more couldn't be found willing to join bozo's group on his escorted tour through the Darling Scarp.

Angela made a welcome return from the UK and joined us for the journey to Waroona but after 12 months absence from riding I arranged to ride with her for the trip South so she could re familiarise herself with her beloved 650 while the main group headed by Bozo could loose the reins.

So I must apologise to Bozo as it was Angela and me unseen in the distance holding back the pensioners in their hatchbacks which in turn held back the main group :shock:

Only joking, Angela did great work by staying in touch with me and we actually beat the main group to Waroona following the same route Bozo took and that was also after a 15 minute break at the start of Del Park Road waiting in vain for the main group to join us :roll: (Well Done Ange !!) 8)

A very enjoyable ride despite "Double Demerits" never far from the forefront of our minds and whilst the other group took in some byways on the way home Ange and I headed straight up the highway to our respective homes.

Thanks Angela for persevering with me with me on the run and for showing us you have not lost the skills required to handle your bike very competently after such a long break.

Bozo, Enjoy your next adventure through the badlands of Victoria and NSW and don't forget your wet weather gear as I think you are due for a drenching :lol:

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