BillB Sunday dirt ride

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BillB Sunday dirt ride

Postby BillB » Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:36 pm

7 assorted GSA,s and a DR650 headed for the Perth hills for a perfect morning of using their GS's for what they were made for. BillB lead the group to the Mt Dale summit and then "His Griceness" lead a splinter group that still needed a further dirt fix on for more dust, loose grave and more adventures. Nev, Dinga and Bill headed home.
[img]b4bdd5be-d541-41a9-9b2d-ad91cfc7cff7 ... 91cfc7cff7[/img]
[img]10dbf214-b5fa-4982-b132-e721135ed7c9 1,200×1,600 pixels ... 21135ed7c9[/img]
[img]67340541-9110-45fe-894a-cf46aadc28eb 1,200×1,600 pixels ... 46aadc28eb[/img]
[img]26604b4d-4b18-46b5-a776-124fa71b86a1 1,200×1,600 pixels ... 4fa71b86a1[/img]
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Re: BillB Sunday dirt ride

Postby spacey1 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:04 pm

First dirt ride for some time. Took a little time to get re-accustomed to the bike moving around so much, but after that it was all go :P

Mt Dale is only short ride out of town. I'm always amazed at the feeling of remoteness one gets there. No sign of city or human habitation at all 8)

I remember way back when I bought my GSA in early 2010 with the intention to ride around Australia. I joined the club then. His Royal Griceness mentioned to me at the time, "Have you ridden it (GSA) in the dirt before". "No" was my reply. To which he said, "You'd better come for a ride up to Mt Dale then". Ahhh, all those years ago...

Scenes at Mt Dale.

A good cross section of BMWs on the day, old and new, (one very new). Inevitably, the chook-chaser lead the way up the very corrugated dirt track :P





Thanks BillB for suggesting the ride and to HRGriceness for the dust :P
Good to see Chris R back on the track again on his new blue LC GS...
Thanks all for sharing the ride, until next time, spacey... out :P
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