Recycling Day

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Recycling Day

Postby Bozo » Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:43 pm

Big roll up for the Sunday shemozzle at Catalano's with Jamie (a tiger for travel) turning up in civilian clothing.

Spacey, Richard and Bozo had a deep discussion about universal joints.

Our Western Star truck driver with L plated son were part of the group doing the intergenerational thing.

10 multi layered riders twisted their throttles to sample the crisp air of Bickley Valley and Beverley. Goldie, Wes, BillB, GS Bill, Bolton, Gerry, Trevor, Drew, Bozo and Swampy fearlessly travelled the cycle infected Darling Scarp even in the face of multiple "Event Ahead" signs and lycra clad pedal pushers travelling four abreast.

We thought we were clear of the sports cars and cyclists when we reached West Talbot Road but shortly after Wes legged it we struck a wide arrangement of cyclists, complete with ambulance and lollypop attendants on the Top Beverley Road. Running into one cycling event on a Sunday ride is poor planning but two full on events should have the ride leader banished to the eastern states.

Bolton bolted at York and eight headed through Spencers Brook to Bakers Hill for the mandatory Sunday pies.

A short ride home just in time to watch the final minutes of the Dockers disaster.

Thanks to Swampy for running tail end Charlie duties and for keeping the group marshalled.

Enjoyable ride but too much time spent avoiding cyclists.

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Re: Recycling Day

Postby spacey1 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:02 pm

Spacey, Richard and Bozo had a deep discussion about universal joints.

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