Lancelin ride

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Lancelin ride

Postby BillB » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:30 pm


7 riders headed North on a Sunday Bozo ride for a sojourn thru the countryside on a crisp invigorating Sunday morning ending up at the best beer garden in Australia ( Lancelin Tavern) where we all had a pleasant break before heading home.
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Re: Lancelin ride

Postby Bozo » Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:26 pm

An unusual morning at Catalanos with cars being parked in "our" bays. A previous hip member of the club has now assumed the mantle of "Dickie Knee" and may be off riding for three months. Another member has sorted his seals and is now assessing his penguins.

The TO and the ATO seemed were unanimous in recommending the application of heat as a solution to everything. It did not work for Swampy's legs.

Seven riders headed north to chase some warmth. BillB, David, Davidii, Peter, Brian/5, HRGriceness and Bozo travelled past the airport in the hope of some stray turbine heat before turning off on Warbrook Road and Neaves Road to reach Old Yanchep Road.
The group had two sheep herders in Tail End Charlie, HRGriceness and Tail End Harry, Brian/5. Bozo thought that HRG was spitting the dummy when a chook chaser passed him at speed on the road shoulder but it turned out to be a stray trail bike rider who had found the forest trails too wet and was enjoying himself passing traffic through roadworks.

The Bermuda Traiangle approached (Wanneroo Road and Old Yanchep Road) where many tail end charlies had come unstuck but fortunately the group were able to regather 5 kms up the road and then again for an extended period at a red light on the Moore River Bridge works. A large dog was barking at Bozo from the safety of an SUV but slunk out of sight when two black clad Harley riders with their loud pipes arrived. The traffic was horrendous as we limped at 90 kph to the Lancelin turn off.

All riders and tail enders made it to Lancelin. HRG was being very alert and even took charge of a vibrating thing handed to him by the kitchen staff. It was very pleasant sitting in the beer garden with a ringside ocean seat and talking about the NBN.

BillB ignored the group's need to finish as a group and headed straight home. The other 6 took KW Road, Sappers Road, Orange Springs Road to get to Great Northern Highway. We passed a truck and trailer that was being recovered from scrub where it had run off the road before hitting more roadworks.

Home via Moolabeenie Road, Crest Hill Road, Chittering Valley and Bullsbrook with the ride ending at Gingers in the Swan Valley.

Apart from Brian/5 running on fumes by the end of the trip everyone seemed happy with the bikes running well.

Thanks to HRG for running Tail End Charlie and Brian/5 for running Tail End Harry on an excellent day for riding but as TO and ATO say it would have been better with a bit more heat.

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Re: Lancelin ride

Postby brian/5 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:17 pm

Thanks Bozo & Guys for a great ride and company

At Lancelin I did a quick fuel calculation and though it would just get me home. However we did an additional loop via Bindoon & Chittering Valley so settled for fuel at Ginger's, only 17km to empty.

The R1200GS managed 350km using 17.39 litres which equals 4.97l/100km ( 57mpg )

Only suggestion is for the next ride during school holidays we need to stay away from the tourist routes.
Nearer Perth at Bindoon BakeHaus and Chittering Valley lots of bike out making the most of the fine weather.

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