Let Them Eat Cake -the Millbrook Promenade

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Let Them Eat Cake -the Millbrook Promenade

Postby Bozo » Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:51 pm

In recognition of a promenade near Bastille Day, Bozo called for a coffee and cake ride to the Millbrook Winery.

A peleton of seven starving peasants headed for the Alps via category 4 climbs along Canning Road, Canning Dam, Albany Highway, Bedfordale Hill and Nettleton Road. Kim, Peter, Davidii, Dinga, Gerry, Bolton and Bozo commenced the search for brioche. Dinga was so famished he left the group at Armadale. The storm had left a lot of detritus on parts of the road but with the keeper of the Bailey as tail end Jaques all went well (Tail end Charlie was MIA, Tail end Harry had a commitment with a firing squad and his Royal Griceness had gone to ground whilst the peasants were revolting).

Bozo almost dropped his bike in the Millbrook car park pulling up in a melange of mud and leaves. A revolution was averted when the group decided to split the three remaining slices of cake available at Millbrook into six. Very pleasant sitting on the deck discussing La Tour and New Zealand motorbike travel. "Disco" Bolton described his limbo moves when repairing the oil infused underbody of an ancient Landrover.

A quick descent towards Mundijong was slowed by a jarrah laded trailer and then back to the traffic on South West Highway, Thomas Road, Anketell Road and the Kwinana Freeway.

Thanks to the keeper of the Bailey, Kim, for a magnificent, brilliant and efficient job as tail end Jacques.

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Re: Let Them Eat Cake -the Millbrook Promenade

Postby KoosWA » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:25 pm


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