The Battle for Tail End Charlie

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The Battle for Tail End Charlie

Postby Bozo » Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:13 pm

Good to see the full membership of the NSW Chapter at breakfast this morning. First time in a while for Koos on a bike.

HRG's RNineT was getting a lot of attention. Richard is close to getting his 1200RT-P back on the road. Guy and the Black Bomber put in an appearance.

The Sunday ride group was spoiled for choice for Tail End Charlie. Every Kim, Chris and Harry wanted to do the job. There was a battle royale between HRG and Swampy but in the end the smiling assassin gave in and the fluorescent vest of Swampy graced the back end of the pack of seven riders. Kim, BillB, HRG, Peter, Swampy, Rob and Bozo went straight to the International Airport and joined the normal exit route by taking Grogan Road. A quick trip through the Swan Valley unimpeded by Avon descenters and spectators for a pleasant run through the Chittering Valley.

Bindoon was the first stop where some scrolled, some pied and some had playlunch. A short stop to pick up mandarins and oranges before the high speed twisties of Dewar's Pool Road and the sound of a pack of sports bikes heading in the other direction. There was a strong police presence at and after Toodyay with an unmarked Police car, three speed radars and a breathalyser stop. Toodyay looked like the aftermath of a wedding with empty marquees and stalls. After passing a slow trailer we were able to enjoy the bends on the Toodyay-Clackline Road and the Coates Road-Government Road deviation.

The Acacia are starting to bloom with early red Leschenaultia but the inspection at speed did not detect other wildflowers. It had been very wet in the Chittering Valley and the Brockman River was running a banker.

Cloudy but pleasant. Good to have Swampy back at the back. Thanks to Swampy for successfully fighting to do tail end Charlie duties.

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Re: The Battle for Tail End Charlie

Postby Swampy » Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:11 pm

Thank you Bozo for your very kind welcome to me this morning and your references to Harry being equipped with a Stainless steel Flask in lieu of a muffler :mrgreen:
NB. Next week I shall try the flask minus the baffle :shock:

Excellent seeing Jamie and Koos gracing us with their presence from the NSW Chapter of the club.
I understand that a bearded Koos was spoken to at Sydney Airport regarding his remarkable resemblance to a Terrorist infidel :lol:
Managed to catch up with Jamie but Koos was detained in custody and was being interrogated by a group of club heavyweights and I only managed to grab a couple of minutes with him before being summonsed to a contest for Tail End Charlie duties.

No contest Bozo, HRG/Dame Margot was to busy looking at his reflection in the the pristine paint of his new RnineT Scramblers fuel tank and appearing somewhat bemused was swiftly relegated to a position of second last.

I must also mention that I observed HRG later in the ride resting his legs on the cylinders of his bike. Couldn't quite make it to the handlebars eh Chris??? Is what happens when you retire, your joints tend to start to stiffen up with lack of use :shock:

It was also good to catch up with Kimberly on parole from his hard labour on the rock pile at the goldmine. I have no doubt he will soon breach and will be sent back with extra time to be served :P

Thanks all for the good company and many laughs today 8)

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