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New Toys for the Boys

Postby Bozo » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:08 pm

The wintry weather kept many tucked up in a warm bed today but Mackerel Eddie and Gerry had other fish to fry. Both had recently acquired 1200 GS's and were keen to flaunt them.

Peter, Gerry, Mackerel Eddie, Davidii and Bozo took a radar guided journey around the rainstorms past Canning Dam and to Jarrahdale via Albany Highway. There was only a small amount of debris from the winter storms and just a few spots of rain as we had a steady ride to Serpentine Dam Café. A fully farkled racer with his BMW 1000 RR was recounting his Isle of Man experiences including racing against Mike Hailwood delayed us in discovering that Swampy had used four wheels to get to the café. What kept you he inquired having used his local knowledge to take the shortest route. We had been held up by a convoy of five vehicles that cornered at 80 and then accelerated to 110 when ever there was an opportunity for us to pass.

Heidenaus were praised and bagged, RTs were exalted and rubbished before we inspected the new GS bikes and headed down the scarp via Kingsbury Drive.

A pleasant ride despite the traffic and a bit of spritzig.

For the first time in many weeks more made it to the destination than started and all made it to the finish. Thanks to Davidii for his impeccable Tail End Charlie role.

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