Wandering Wheels

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Wandering Wheels

Postby Bozo » Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:33 pm

A good roll up this morning at the Vic Park rendezvous.

Good to see Prof Reconditioned back on his bike and both Robin and His Royal Desertness back after the Desert Raid.

Five headed off to brave the chills of Wandering....Peter, Rob, Bolton, Swampy and Bozo. Heading out of town past Araluen and Canning Dam we reached North Bannister without incident. Bolton started to strip which seemed counterintuitive as the temperature was falling. It was only to add more layers. Swampy turned on his battery powered heated gloves and Peter flicked the RT seat to simmer to prepare for the journey to Wandering. Threeways at North Bannister was fenced off and the petrol station and store closed.

The ride to Wandering was excellent with little traffic, green paddocks and dry road. It started to sprinkle just as we were leaving Wandering but not enough to short circuit Swampy's gloves. Just out of Wandering we hit a B Double laden with herbicide that killed our vibe but after five minutes we had a clear open road to enjoy the twisties and the vistas of fluorescent canola crops.

The café we used to frequent in Pingelly was closed. Rob tried to get lost but was sheep dogged back to the pack that headed to Stumpy's Garage in Brookton. A refreshment stop was followed by a quick blast to Beverley before an energetic ride on Talbot West Road to get back to the Lakes Roadhouse.

Although a little cool it was an enjoyable ride. Thanks to Swampy for riding Tail End Charlie in his high vis jacket though he becomes harder to spot now the wattle and canola are flowering.

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Re: Wandering Wheels

Postby Swampy » Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:05 pm

Thanks Bozo, Your report of a Spirited ride today was a bit of an understatement for those who took part.

An First Class ride full of thrilling bends, hills, curves and yet more curves and not many straights, It was terrific and thoroughly enjoyed by all of us 8)

It kept the adrenaline pumping keeping the mind free of of the cold air from pervading the extremities with the added advantage of keeping the engine oil warm as well :roll:

My you beaut heated gloves lasted to the Perth side of Beverly and after that I didn't care much about the cold :P

Excellent company with everyone keeping pace!!

Thank You one and all 8)

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