Sharing a pie with a state motorcycling champion

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Sharing a pie with a state motorcycling champion

Postby Bozo » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:04 pm

A slim selection of spring riders graced Catalano's today. Good to see Richard back on his repaired RT and Guy on his schmick Doosra airhead (not the grungy black bomber-the other one). Neville scared the moisture out of listeners with his tales of Hall Effect sensor failures and I am sure many members will be googling BMW sites to see if their bike(s) have one.

Five members headed out for a short ride to Bakers Hill. Red Emperor Eddy, BillB, Drew, Ted and Bozo zoomed up the Lesmurdie hill to Pickering Brook taking the Patterson/Walnut Road route through the blossoming Bickley Valley. The forest was infected with mountain bikes but the group were largely unimpeded as they headed to Mundaring. A short excursion onto the old highway (mistake by Bozo looking for an old shortcut to Chidlow) was followed by a deviation onto the twisting and scenic Liberton Road. Heading into Wooroloo Bozo was surprised by a large dog trying to pass between his two wheels. Fortunately the dog bailed a metre from the bike. Werribee and Coates Roads got the group to Bakers Hill where a large group of motorcyclists were preparing to depart.

After introductions Bozo asked Ted about his background in motorcycling which had Ted replied had been a lifelong obsession. He had originally come to Perth with a 1929 Fabrique Nationale motorcycle to ride from WA to the eastern states but never got to the Nullarbor on it. He had just given up moto-cross and he had been a state motorcycling champion. Red Emperor Eddy casually asked how old he was and was surprised when Ted gave a response in the eighties. Discussion quickly flowed to DKW's (with two and three wheels), Yarloop, bushfires and septic tanks.

A quick deviation via the twisting Inkpen Road got the group to the Lakes where the ride ended.

The countryside is spectacular right now and members should try to get out for a ride whilst the burst of colour exists.

Great to meet such a positive new member in his eighties that enjoys getting out for a Sunday ride.

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