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Flashing Light Escort

Postby Bozo » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:20 pm

A very large turn out this morning including Alex on his mint 1200c and a rare visit by Robin. Bowe was back from his initiation into the NSW Chapter whose membership was declining with president Koos on globetrotting duties.

Eleven left on what should have been a straightforward ride to Dwellingup and Quindanning. After a regroup at Lesmurdie the mob travelled on Canning Road with a disturbing number of cyclists coming in the other direction. The spring blossom had added pink to last weeks white for some stunning valley views of orchards. At Brookton Highway we encountered road closed signs and a flag marshall which were successfully negotiated to get to Araluen. Traversing a traffic coned bridge we were out of the traffic managed melee to cruise past Canning Dam...fortunately the cyclists had played some where else today. At Albany Highway we turned into Swampy territory and descended the Bedfordale Hill. Chaos ensured when we had a missing tail end Charlie...had he ducked into his abode to pick up a cut lunch given his past culinary experiences at Quindanning. Eventually we all arrived at the nominated lost point with a new found enthusiasm to stay in one group. A quick run down the South West Highway and an enjoyable ride up Del Park Road had us at a jam packed Dwellingup which had the full range of events on involving trains, horses and national parks.

Only six of the original eleven continued on...Bozo, Beemer Dave, Swampy, Peter, Trevor and Red Emperor Eddie travelled through the colourful bush on the Pinjarra-Williams Road until we reached the Lower Hotham Road with its excellent sweeping bends and scenic vistas. Before we knew it we were being served steak sandwiches by Irish accented waitresses and listening to Beemer Dave's stories of live bands and enthusiastic farmers.

Back along the Pinjarra Williams Road which has had all the narrow bitumen bits sorted for a refuel at Bannister and what was expected as a quick commute to Armadale. Just north of Bannister, the Bannister Block was well ablaze with a prescribed burn. These burns can become problematic for motorcycles with a burn on Albany Highway in 2015 getting out of control and traffic being diverted to a muddy Metro Road. They also encourage wildlife movement and can impact visibility. Just as we approached the southern end of the burn a fire truck with red and blue flashing lights turned in front of the group and escorted us for ten kilometres through the prescribed burn. Fortunately the wind was in the right quarter and we avoided ash and smoke.

At Yule Doo the ride concluded.

A stunning day to go for a ride, no rain, colourful country and good company.

Thanks to Swampy for keeping the troops together as tail end Charlie.

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