Isolating the Isopogon

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Isolating the Isopogon

Postby Bozo » Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:18 pm

A miniscule menagerie at Cats this morning due to the perfect storm of Camp Cook Off, Royal Show, School Holidays, Long Week End and some dodgy weather.

For some people spring is a time when club members minds turn to thoughts botanical.

Sleepy Paul and Alex, Wes, Swampy, Drew, Braam and Rob all declined the opportunity to visit Udamung and search for Isopogons.

Profoundly Corkscrewed was trying to get a plant identified that seemed to be an alien species connected with Triffids. With help from Ross it was identified as Long Storksbill, Broadleaf Filaree or Erodium Botrys. All that needs to happen now is like the Triffids\Daleks to find a way to exterminate it.

Peter, Chris, Ross, Bozo and Ted (PC-RBT) headed off unaware that their acronym would be self fulfilling. A dry run past the airport and into the Swan Valley was halted by a RBT stop where all riders were breath tested. Still travelling without precipitation the group (less Profoundly Corkscrewed) travelled through a scenic Chittering Valley for a second stop at for RBT at Bindoon. Ted had nearly run out of breath and decided to head home whilst RBP headed to Wannamal through light rain.

Stopping in Wannamal the group quickly spotted Donkey, Red Beak and Cowslip Orchids. An exotic looking pink plant turned out to be a South African plant...wild gladiolus. A twisting run down Hay Flat Road got us to Udamung Nature Reserve to spot Bacon and Eggs, Stackhousia, Trigger Plants and Clematis. With Ross' help we were able to distinguish between Parrot Bush and the Isopogons. Also distinguished in the gloom was a police car on Hay Flat Road.

The skies were darkening and the rain becoming more persistent as RBP headed to Bindoon passing two parked police motorcycles.

Just out of Bullsbrook we passed a police car dealing with an errant motorist and in the Swan Valley we again went through the remnants of the RBT stop and at the back of the airport a police car had stopped a truck.

The rain became heavy as we hit Perth and the roads around the Causeway were awash with sheet flooding.

The PC-RBT ride was unusual with over ten police vehicles encountered, some in unusual places and the potential to be breathalysed three times.

Despite the threat and the reality of rain it was great to get out and isolate a few Isopogons from the clumps of Parrot Bush.

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Re: Isolating the Isopogon

Postby Bozo » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:05 pm

Red Beak Orchids are described at
Red Beaks are also known as Potato, Elephants Ear, Fire or Undertaker Orchids
Stackhousia Monogyna is described at
Cowslip Caladenia Flava is described at
Clematis is described at
Bacon and Eggs

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