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Postby BillB » Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:58 pm

BillB led 8 riders out along the Great Northern Hwy only to be stopped by our friendly M/C cop Bry and his offsider. We were all pulled over on the side of the road on the Corner where the road turns off to the Chittering valley. Not knowing initially it was our mate until he said “is that you Bill” as we both had helmets on . He had obviously enjoyed the moment of pulling over his BMWMCCWA mates and making them nervous , he then proceeded to random breath test all of us and his partner checked our regos. Much banter all in good humour went back and forth between members and the members of the Force. Bry warned us to keep our speeds down so off we went waiting for the next encounter of the law to suddenly appear from behind a tree at any moment.With Brys’words still ringing in our ears about hinting there was more surprises up the track We got to the Bindoon pie shop with only a single patrol car coming the other way to be seen.
After our longer than normal ride to the pie shop much conversation about law enforcement, Swamps surprise 72nd birthday cake presented by the Catelanos girls, Bozo MIA again and the usual MC talk 3 headed back to Perth and the rest headed to Gingin the Indian Ocean Drive and home the long way.
A most enjoyable Sunday ride.
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