Roundabout way to Miami

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Roundabout way to Miami

Postby Bozo » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:22 pm

Good roll up at Catalano's. Swampy was feeling unbalanced on his bike so came in a 4wd. Another stray Honda appeared...a Deauville. Jamie also popped in from Sydney.

BillB, HR Griceness, David, German Paul, Peter, Trevor, Mackerel Eddy, Pasquale and Bozo ignored the forecast of uncomfortable temperatures and headed to Miami. Taking the usual route to Lesmurdie via Welshpool Road East and Canning Road they turned on to Canning Mills Road and Canning Mills Road East before picking up Tonkin Highway. Bozo thought that the group would enjoy a mystery tour through the new suburbs but was wrong. The deviation onto Rowley Road, Nicholson Road, Thomas Road, Johnson Road, Bertram Road, Wellard Road and Gilmore Avenue underwhelmed the group. A quick blast down Kulija Road was not enough the offset the new roundabouts on Baldivis Road and the traffic lights into Mandurah. Arriving at the Miami Bakehouse in Falcon was greeted with mumblings of no more traffic lights or roundabouts.

After the normal bakery products we headed south and picked up Estuary Road to have a gentle paced ride past an attractive Peel Inlet. A short section of Old Coast Road got us to Southern Estuary Road and Lake Clifton Road to cross the Forrest Highway. Finally we were on a stretch of road (Dorsett Road) where we could open the bikes up and enjoy some high speed corners. The narrow Gibbings Road and Coolup Road South got us to the equestrian hot spot of Coolup for a fuel stop. Crossing the East Coolup Bridge over the Murray River we took Coolup Road East and Burnside Road to get to the Pinjarra Williams Road. A few hundred metres of the Coolup Road East had been ripped up for repair covering the bikes in gravel dust.

At Pinjarra we crossed over to Paterson Road to get to the Corio Road twisties. Hopeland Road, Punrak Road, Karnup Road, Rapids Road, Lightbody Road and Mundijong Road got us to Kargotich Road before the ride was over.

The experiment to cut through newly developed suburbs failed but the second half of the ride had some redeeming features.

Thanks to Peter for running as a very effective tail end Charlie . Hopefully Swampy will not be throwing a wobbly next week.

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