Bozo Beemer Bikers Beaten By Bridge Beam

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Bozo Beemer Bikers Beaten By Bridge Beam

Postby Bozo » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:10 pm

A surprisingly large turnout at Vic Park this morning with a whole range of bikes including a chopped Virago. Koos stopped in from Singapore. His Royal Griceness refused to tackle another roundabout and went brown bear with Robbo. Swampy put his unbalanced episode behind him but was still throwing his weights around. The hippie movement resurfaced but evaporated when the San Francisco protagonists did not have any hair to put flowers in.

No name Peter, BillB, almost my client Tom, Ross, German Paul, Bozo and Swampy ignored the opportunities of free trips on public transport and other seniors discounts to run a short Sunday ride to Gidgegannup. A trouble free run past the international airport and past the newly opened Caltex on Toodyay Road was rudely interrupted by a massive bridge beam bound for Tonkin Highway.

The offending beam

Beemer riders impatient for the beam to move

Some riders (on GS's) wanted to drop into the road side firebreak to get around the slow moving truck but within a few minutes we were enjoying the Lancewood Road woops and O'Brien Road corners. On Berry Road a fast moving sports bike came round a blind corner on the wrong side of the road. Red tailed cockatoos were busy adding extra adrenalin by dropping partly chewed gum nuts onto the sharpest corners. A backtrack along Toodyay Road got us to the Gidgegannup Bakery which was packed. Our consumption of pies was overseen by a Collingwood supporter.

Back along Bunning Road and the group split up at Mundaring.

The temperature was surprisingly comfortable with the Hills being a few degrees cooler. It did not take long being on the coastal plain for the temp to rise to 35 degrees.

A very easy ride with only a few roundabouts but a bit of traffic calming.

Next Sunday we head south on the Airhead ride.

Thanks to Swampy who excelled himself as tail end Charlie.

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Re: Bozo Beemer Bikers Beaten By Bridge Beam

Postby Swampy » Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:36 pm

Thanks Bozo and I have ceased chucking wobblies now that I have balanced out with new medication courtesy of "Tyres for Bikes" with weight on the front and a new hoop on the rear :P

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