Careering across the Coastal Plain

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Careering across the Coastal Plain

Postby Bozo » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:28 pm

A solid roll up to Catalanos today with Bowe on his 1938 BMW and Richard on his 1200C. A well priced pair of Draggin jeans was sold in less time than it took a rider with a bee in his helmet to stop.

Wes, Braam, Drew, Red Emperor Eddy, Peter, Stoy, Bozo and Swampy headed in the opposite direction to the brown bears and did a lap around the airport to get to the Swan Valley. Taking Warbrook Road and Neaves Road they got to Old Yanchep Road in quick time. The first real traffic was on Wanneroo Road with Swampy and Wes detouring onto Military Road. We arrived at Lancelin to find that the pub did not open until 12 so on Peter's recommendation we headed to Dune. Very pleasant sitting outside in the shade watching the fishing boats dock with an island in the background. Almost everyone enjoyed their meal before we headed back to pass through a RBT stop, taking KW Road, Sappers Road and Cowalla Road before Red Emperor Eddy and Braam headed more directly to Perth. The remaining 4 tried to get to Gingin on Beermullah Road but it turned to gravel requiring a return to Cowalla before taking Gingin Brook Road to Gingin. A traffic free run on Moolabeenee Road and a ride on Crest Hill Road with three kangaroos got us to Bindoon and a loop through the Chittering Valley.

Over 400 kms to get to a destination only 120 kms north of Perth but mainly travelling on roads with little traffic and lots of bends. The coastal plain is often neglected for weekend rides but KW Road, Sappers Road, Cowalla Road and Old Yanchep Road are good roads.

Thanks to Peter for giving the explanation of our missing Tail End Charlie and for stepping into the role early in the ride.

A little hot on the way back (up to 37.5 degrees) but mostly very pleasant riding.

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