Who is Tiling Charlie?

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Who is Tiling Charlie?

Postby Bozo » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:20 pm

Tiling Charlie seems to be a home renovator who rides at the back of the motorcycle group.

A few faces at Catalano's that had been away....Ahab and Odette, Snaga and Gill plus Nev....good to see them again.

So many Chris's that we nearly had a crisis.

12 took advantage of the cooler weather to head inland. BJ, Lefty, Carla, Prof Dist, GS Bill, David, Red Emperor Eddie, Robbie, Ross, Peter, Swampy and Bozo were lucky with both traffic, cyclists, kangaroos and eagles in heading through Kalamunda to Mundaring Weir. By the Lakes we were down to eight. A glorious ride on Talbot West Road to Beverley and then Top Beverley Road to York.

Eschewing the roast on offer at the Spencer's Brook Tavern we paused at the Baker's Hill Bakery before taking back roads to Mundaring.

Swampy remained happy with the topography to stay on the ride to Bakers Hill. Good that GS Bill could take a break from home renovation.

Thanks to Swampy for acting as tiling Charlie and for Peter for picking up the role on the way home.

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