Flashing Lights Focus

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Flashing Lights Focus

Postby Bozo » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:09 pm

A great roll up this morning for the Catalano's breakfast. First time I have seen a 1200CL present.

Swampy had given the white whale a bath and dabbled with high strength cleaners to get years of grime off the machine's internals and extremities.

A not so secret seven took a simple sojourn to the Bindoon Bakehaus. BillB, Red Emperor Eddy, Peter, Ted, Stoy, Swampy and Bozo had only just entered the Swan Valley when lights and sirens interrupted the serenity. Fortunately the miscreant or emergency was not with our group (despite some earlier energetic riding to peeve a Ducati) and we continued on to Bullsbroook for a slight delay behind a SUV with the personalised number plate "Bullish". A stockbroker or a breeder? Traffic and emu sightings split the group but all were rejoined at Blue Plains.

A flashing light on Swampy's bike that turned out to be normal was the cause of an incorrect diagnosis where some bozo had trouble differentiating the clutch from the brake.

Morning tea at the Bakehaus was followed by a bike infected ride on Dewars Pool Road to Toodyay and a run down the highway to Mayo Road. A turn off onto Liberton Road had us in Chidlow with the ride finishing in Mundaring.

Swampy on his ex police bike, white helmet and high vis vest was slowing down traffic a treat. No vehicles passed Swampy as he descended the scarp with plenty of brake lights from traffic ahead. The impact of the bike was enhanced when an ambulance going in the other direction put on its siren putting the driver in front of Swampy into panic. A plain clothes police car picking up a ute and a radar speed trap rounded out the law enforcement focus of Swampy's first club ride on the gleaming white bike.

Thanks to Swampy for running as tail end Charlie and to Peter for keeping an eye on Swampy.

Brilliant weather for a ride.

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