Great Central Road - round trip

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Great Central Road - round trip

Postby Streety » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:20 pm

Howdy Fellow riders,
In August this year 4 mates are planning a round trip up the Great Central Rd to Giles Weather Station, down to Surveyor General’s Corner. Then most likely continue to Ayers Rock, Coober Pedy to Ceduna via Lake Everard. Then across the Nulabor home.
Sand and big bikes - GSA1200 & V Strom 1000 ???
My question is... has anyone done this trip / similar recently?
Last we did a trip about & hit some serious sand around Mt Elvire / Lake Barlee.
Learned very quickly the both bikes & riders hated (sucked) in the sand.
Two of the bikes 650 ‘s should be fine ... but what about the bigger 1200?
Love to chat / catch up with any one that’s been through recently .
Regards, Streety.
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Re: Great Central Road - round trip

Postby bwanainoz » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:12 pm

Kingoonya to Wirrulla - approx 240k
From Kingoonya can be rocky and stony in areas, especially around Kokatha Station region, but not difficult riding.
From there to Hiltaba Station, which is now owned by a religious group, is fairly solid ground with small patches of sand, although not deep sand. Be mindful of the cattle grid 200m after Hiltaba.
From Hiltaba to Wirrulla, there can be sandy patches as you travel through the dunes - around Lake Acraman and closer to Wirrulla. As you enter the section where the road winds around various salt lakes approx 50k before Wirrulla, there is a very decieving sharp RH then immediately after this RH'er a sharp sandy LH corner. If you don't slow down for them you will always remember the experience.
I have travelled this road several times on the HP2e without difficulty. Hope this helps.
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Re: Great Central Road - round trip

Postby _Wilks » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:10 am

G'day Streety

When you say serious sand around Mt Elvire/Lake Barlee, were you on the 42km track to the old Mt Elvire homestead?

Also, after Surveyor General's Corner, are you returning back to Giles (Warakurna) to complete the Gt Central Rd or are you planning heading east from SG Corner and arc your way up to Ayres Rock?

Your answers will help me frame a response to your questions. I've ridden through the route you've mentioned a few times.
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Re: Great Central Road - round trip

Postby Digger » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:08 pm

The Giles Weather Station (Warakurna) to Surveyor Generals Corner Road (I think it’s called Giles/Mulga Park Road from memory) was realigned a few years ago and is suitable for big bikes (depending on your experience). You might wanna check cause I don’t think they do public tours of the weather station anymore if that was your intention (balloon going up).
Surveyors General Corner can be a bit tricky to find...don’t be put off by all the ‘local guide’ bulls***’ that you might read about. Just go there. The track is not well marked but has a sign about ‘public access blah blah blah’ and comply with ‘blah blah blah’. If you hit the SA/WA border you’ve gone to far.
Warburton to SGC is an option (shorter) and doable on big bikes also.
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