The Easter Bunny Ride sans Bozo!!

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The Easter Bunny Ride sans Bozo!!

Postby Swampy » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:00 pm

A surprisingly large group of bunnies gathered at the Dome in Vic. Park this morning, It was good to see some faces rock up that we don't normally see and a lot of hand shaking and P... taking ensued!!

A little prompting from the "Great Whites" new rider to the girls in Dome saw a small number of small Easter Eggs arrive in a small bowl which was placed in front of a small Swampy. Thanks Girls.

The group received the news that Bozo was in the process of departing Balladonia and it was debated whether we should wait for him to lead another Easter Ride but German Paul was already in the saddle revving his engine raring to go so it was decided take matters into our own hands once again.

Swampy was spared Leadership duties as Bilbie stepped up to the plate and I was relegated to Tail End Charlie duties again!! Phew :|

A good group riders took part lead by Bilbie and followed by German Paul, Stoy, Vic on his new GS Rallye purchased from Noel this last week, Kim and Andrea on pillion, Peter, Ted and Pof. Dist. departed for the Toodyay Road via the International Airport where Bill thought we should check out the Drop off Departure road before we finally regathered and headed for the hills. All went well untill we hit O'Brian road where Bill missed the turnoff for the Woopsie Doo's on our way back to Great Northern Hwy and made us practice our U Turn Skills on the gravel verges!! Thanks Bill :evil:

A run thru the Chittering Valley saw us enter Bindoon where the group stopped for refreshments.

Queing up to be served Swampy spotted a Fair Dinkum Easter Bunny hop into view and coerced a free Hot Cross Bun out of it's basket before permitting it to disperse it's wares to the more deserving ankle biters in the mob!!

A replete and refreshed group then dispersed toward toodyay via the Bindoon Army Training area. A good clear run to Toodyay in brilliant Spring like weather and on to the Clacline turnoff where Bill and Ted headed for the Northern sand dunes of home while the remainder of the dregs which was Paul, Peter, Kim and Andrea made our way to Bakers Hill where the Croft's parted company and the ride ceased to exist as a group venture.

Home by 1400 after a brilliant ride on a lovely Easter Sunday in beautiful weather.

Thanks to all who took part 8)

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I love her far horizons, I love her jeweled sea.
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