The sunrise did not illuminate all of the countryside

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The sunrise did not illuminate all of the countryside

Postby Bozo » Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:41 pm

Intoxicated by the BMW Official GS Safari video members waited for the emerging sunlight across the countryside to be guided to the endless horizon only to be greeted by thunder and lightning and a shuttered orb unable to filter its weak light to the glossy pavement. Frustrated and perplexed many did not make to the breakfast unable to hear the comforting hum of their engines for splashing of sheets of water from the road. The absence of tranquillity prevented them from listening to the hum of the countryside around them as dark shadows from the leaden clouds merged with the landscape.

Only seven were able to prove that they can get to Catalanos on their determined tyres to open their eyes to observe the flashing lightning and to use their ears to sense the direction of the next strike indicated by the thunderous sounds.

Alex passed on a souvenir of BMW events to the Mongolian bound Noel and Brian to be signed by those who wished to share their spiritual journey.

The arrival of four wheeled vehicles signalled the end of the dominance of motorcycles and determined tyres once again rolled on the asphalt path strewn with storm debris and fords to meet again in seven days.


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