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Doing Fork Oil

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:03 pm
by Bozo
A lazy group on a glorious day at Catalano's that had a sustained discussion on modifying suspensions and making fork oil shandies.

Good to see Bowes Gladstone Bag embellished vintage BMW and Emperor Eddy's return. Rob arrived on an immaculate 1200CL but with a spare switch that appeared on the ground when he was cleaning the bike.

Nine riders travelled through a pink blossom hued Bickley Valley for a run past Canning Dam where our tail end Charlie inexplicably turned towards home rather than North Bannister. The group comprised Beemer Dave, His Royal Griceness, Emperor Eddy, Ted, Braam, JC, Pete, Swampy and Bozo. Things heated up as we turned towards Wandering (not a common statement but we were travelling through a controlled burn). Through Wandering and Crossman to a balloon bedecked Boddington and on to Quindanning after confusion as to who was the ride leader.

A group food order had Pete being showered in cutlery which was particularly amusing after the suspensions and fork oil discussions. Five sets of knives and forks were brought out by three different staff members and placed in front of Pete.

Back along Lower Hotham Road and via a packed Dwellingup and on to home.

Brilliant ride through colourful country with crops of canola and lupins in amongst dark green pasture.

More red white and blue bikes than any other colour. Photo of the three ridden by Beemer Dave, His Royal Griceness and Braam.

Thanks to Pete for dealing with the fork jokes and running as tail end charlie for the bulk of the ride.