Can we go via Esperance?

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Can we go via Esperance?

Postby Bozo » Sun Nov 24, 2019 6:16 pm

A happy crowd at Catalanos today with stories about energetic dancing and bowling from the night before. Good to see Rob has had OH&S resolve his eye level aerial hazard.

A cool forecast of 29 degrees for Narrogin encouraged a small group to visit this iconic wheatbelt town.

Bill + Trish, Ted, Peter, Swampy and Bozo headed out into a Jacaranda dotted Bickley Valley down Canning Road to Araluen and Canning Dam. A commute down Albany Highway was followed by a harvest interrupted ride to Wandering. A massive Header with a Field Bin and the Header front were a very effective road block and refused to let a single file of motorcyclists pass. Luckily it turned off and we were free to enjoy the bends of the Pumphreys Road without agricultural interference.

Narrogin was quiet as if everyone was sofa bound watching the Australians win the cricket by an innings. The Fortune French Hot Bread Shop there was an animated discussion about the proximity of Esperance and how easy it would be to get to now that the group was one third of the way there. The only casualty was a pie that tumbled on to the road but the 20 second rule meant that most of it could be replaced in its paper bag.

Throughout the trip we had been getting updates from round the world traveller, Michael, who had started the day on Rottnest and was catching up with the group. His immaculate airhead, an R100, came into sight and he joined us on the run to the Williams Woolshed. The bridge at Williams is being replaced and there was a big delay as only a single lane of traffic was available for the weekend traffic heading both north and south.

Michael gave us a bit of background on his 2 year journey which included Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Thailand and Malaysia. A lot of discussion about where to go in Australia.

A run along the Lower Hotham Road before joining the Boddington-Pinjarra Road and a ride to Dwellingup. A bit of a break to chat to another BMW rider on a 2016 BMW 1200RT before a run down Del Park Road and then a run up Hopelands Road, Punrak Road, Rapids Road and Lightbody Road. The group split up at Thomas Road.

Thanks to Swampy for being the Bannister brush to keep us all together for the first part of the journey and to Peter for tail ending for the rest of the ride.

Good to meet Michael and hope that he has a great run through the roads and tracks of Australia.

Picture of the group at Dwellingup on the way back.


Thanks to the Committee for their awards.

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Re: Can we go via Esperance?

Postby pspencer » Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:57 am

Thanks Bozo for an interesting ride in ideal Spring weather. As usual great company tops off another successful Sunday ride.
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Re: Can we go via Esperance?

Postby KoosWA » Mon Nov 25, 2019 8:58 am

Bozo, if you have contact with Michael, please pass on that he can contact me in Brisbane if he needs a place...
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