But wait - there is another 30 kms to go to lunch

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But wait - there is another 30 kms to go to lunch

Postby Bozo » Sun Dec 08, 2019 3:37 pm

A massive turn out with Brian look alike Brian returning from his bike shopping, Ross returning from firefighting, Clayton visiting from Geraldton and Bowe getting a Perko prize.

15 headed out (in two tranches) to Mundaring. Peter led the complex ride through Helena Valley and Glen Forrest to assemble in Mundaring.

Ross, Wes, Kim, Ted, Stoy, Bill + Trish, Nick, Adrian, Sophie, Peter, Swampy and Bozo watched an impromptu lifting demonstration by JC in Mundaring while DFS and Count Griceness waited around the corner.

A quick run to the Lakes and then on to West Talbot Road, Beverley, Beverley Top Road and York. The group got a bit of free adrenalin when a police car appeared out of nowhere with its lights flashing. Guilty group members who had not come to a complete halt at the Beverley stop sign were mentally rehearsing their defences when the police car continued on and turned into a local house.

By York we had lost Swampy, DFS, Ross and JC. The rest headed on to Quellington Road having to come to a complete stop to allow a rider to regain control of his skittish horse. Earthquake stories were shaken loose at Meckering including more recent incidents at Christchurch. Ted told of talking a Tammin farmer out of a timber framed building and building him a brick one. Fortunately it survived the earthquake.

Bozo was keen to find a cafe or bakery in Northam but a quick scout failed to locate a suitable candidate. So after moving the group 30 kms from Meckering to Northam it was another similar distance run to the reliable Bakers Hill.

Home along Oyston Road, Inkpen Road, Hawke Road and Government Road to run through Chidlow and Mount Helena to Mundaring.

A real bonus getting a cool day to do a run into the wheatbelt.

Thanks to Swampy and Peter for the tail end Charlie duties and for Peter for the Glen Forrest run to Mundaring.

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