Verticordia Nitens or the orange flower ride

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Verticordia Nitens or the orange flower ride

Postby Bozo » Sun Dec 22, 2019 2:33 pm

A packed gathering at Catalanos this morning with over 40 bikes.

Good to see Chris and Bec arrive in style on the 1600GT. Koos also dropped in along with a mob of old timers including Two Volts.

A shot of part of the line up of bikes:


14 riders and two pillions responded to the announced ride. Vic, DFS, Goldie, Bob, Ted, Drew, Nannup Nick, Prof Dist + Bec, GS Bill + Trish, Count Griceness, Peter, Swampy and Bozo headed out past the airport only to find that Count Griceness had become ride leader by taking a shortcut. Normality was restored at Gingers and the group turned off at Warbrook Road to get to Neaves Road and the still slow run under Northlink. Turning on to Old Yanchep Road we lost Goldie who turned south. The area around Yanchep was badly burned and there were still bulldozers and fire trucks active on the previous fire ground. A stop at the Gravity Centre was embarrassing for Bozo who was asked the same question as had been asked in the same location eight years ago...what is that yellow flower? The answer is Verticordia Nitens or Morrison Feather Flower but it took a search of old posts to turn it up.


A run into Gingin and onto Moolabeenie Road and then down Crest Hill Road got us to the Bindoon Bakehaus for rolls and pies. A run through the Chittering Valley was only interrupted by a slow moving tractor towing smiling tourists in a trailer.

Another great riding day and a happy group.

Thanks to Swampy for running as Tail end Charlie.

Happy Christmas

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Re: Verticordia Nitens or the orange flower ride

Postby Swampy » Sun Dec 22, 2019 5:43 pm

Thanks for leading another Sunday ride today Bozo, The last one before Christmas, Very enjoyable and a good group of companions!!

Contrary to your understanding at Bindoon, I may be Tail End Charlie on a ride but not when you have to queue for food!!

While you and the group were STILL dismounting and having a car park conversation and BEFORE you started organising tables for people I quietly nipped in and got my order placed and thus avoided a long queue at the counter :roll:

A matter of the quick and the unfed :lol:

Thanks to all for your company on another good club ride!! 8)

Merry Christmas All!!

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Re: Verticordia Nitens or the orange flower ride

Postby pspencer » Mon Dec 23, 2019 5:45 am

Yes another great Sunday ride thanks to Bozo and Swampy and all the happy riders. Merry Christmas to all members and their families.
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