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Boxing Day Boxer Ride!!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 3:40 pm
by Swampy
What a fantastic turnout this morning at the Dome in Mundaring which had the Dome staff chasing their tails serving up coffee to the group. 8)

Brian/5, Nannup Nick, Sophie, Peter and Mei, Steve, Mackeral Eddy, Gerry and Andrew arrived on bikes with Ross and Bernadette attending by car!!

Sophie, Nicks sister rolled up on a magnificent pristine BMW Sports bike which looked like diamond sparkling in the sun however it was the odd one out among'st the bevy of boxers in the car park.

As Brian had already laid out a route for us to follow before Peter and Mei unexpectedly arrived in he was elected to lead the group of 9 riders with the destination being ultimately the Beverly cafe for a beverage and a bite!!

I will let Brian describe the route as I was lost as soon as we left Dome car park? :roll:

However the forecast for the Hills differed greatly to the 29C forecast for Perth today as by the time we reached Bakers Hill at approx. 1030 :lol: the temp. was nudging 37C and on the back roads route to York had hit 40C.

This proved to be too much for some and Peter and Mei, Sophie, Andrew and Eddy peeled off to seek some air conditioned comfort back in the burbs :shock:

The best of the rest battled the boxer's through the unrelenting heat to Beverly via Talbot road only to find the Cafe closed and the Bakery only selling cold drinks as they had never expected anyone would be foolish enough to travel in the heat and as a result had not prepared any food and were actually starting to close the shop!! :cry:

Thirsts quenched suitably hydrated the group split up to head home with Steve and me opting for the Brookton Hwy with yours truly reaching home by 1400hrs in a drenched and sorry state!!

Elsie was badly in need of a refreshing rinse off which once completed and preened Swampy took his turn (Always look after your ride first) although I have to admit Elsie looked a lot better then me when finished :lol:

A terrific turnout today for a week day ride with thanks to Brian for taking the lead and the group for the excellent company.


PS: Sophie you should come down to Catalano's on a Sunday morning!!

Re: Boxing Day Boxer Ride!!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 4:14 pm
by pspencer
Yes a great ride, even with the heat. Thanks Brian for leading an interesting ride and Swampy for organising and TEC duties. A fantastic group of like minded people, thanks.

Re: Boxing Day Boxer Ride!!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 6:38 pm
by brian/5
As Peter the navigator was not expect to turn up, we needed to pick a destination. I put forward a trip to Beverley. but forgot to check the inland temperature forecasts.

The ride out was via the usual rat run, Stoneville, Chidlow, Wooroloo and Wundowie. Then onto Coates Rd to Gt Eastern Hwy and on to Bakers Hill. A short regroup stop was made in the shady parking bay just before the Bakery. This was much to Edie’s displeasure as he was hoping for a pie.

It was then down the highway to Clackline, Spencers Brook Road and Spencer Brook-York Rd.
Swampy on Elsie & Sophie tasted gravel for the first time due to a section of road works. For a change to the route we turned at Burges and right onto the Northam-York road.
We then looped up Quellington, Mannavale roads and down the Goldfields Rd to York.
After stopping for fuel in York some decided that they had enough of the heat so departed to cooler parts. Swampy found his new cool vest would not last the distance but bravely decide to carry regardless of the 39 to 40 degree heat.

The final leg to Beverley was via Knotts, Qualen, Talbot and Waterhatch Roads.

After rehydration at Beverley the group split at this point with Swampy heading for home with the majority following via Westdale Roads and the Brookton Hwy.
Nick & I followed but did not catch sight of Swampy on Elsie.
After being escorted for a short distance down Welshpool road by an unmarked police motorcycle, Nick & I went our separate ways home.

My round trip distance was 335kms arriving home with nearly an empty fuel tank.
Thanks to all for the company.