Chasing BIG CHOOKIES with chook chasers

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Chasing BIG CHOOKIES with chook chasers

Postby boomer61 » Wed Jan 08, 2020 10:39 pm

His Royal Griceness on the LEGENDARY DR and Anthony on the PRINCESS headed into the forest past Mt Dale to Talbot Hall, Beverly and returning via forest tracks to Mundaring on Sunday on the chook chasers.
Well the BIG CHOOKIES were running as His Royal Griceness lead the way down dusty tracks through the forest to get an adrenalin rush as the BIG CHOOKS scattered through out the forest.
No BIG CHOOKS were harmed in the making of this ride.
The dust has settled in anticipation of the the next BIG CHOOK ride on the chook chasers.
In the mean time the BIG CHOOKS can continue to raise there little chickens in the sedate forest environment.
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