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Postby BillB » Fri Oct 02, 2020 7:55 pm

This quickly organised event was run over the last couple of weeks of September and the accompanying video to my mind appeared fairly tame with much creek crossing and opening and closing gates and long stretches of blacktop riding around the NSW Blue mountains and Canberra. There was a lot of Wet and cold looking countryside with a fair bit of tar and tame dirt roads. There were a couple of technical dirt / water crossing areas that had to be tackled with many of the group appearing to not being overly experienced and coming to grief as they tried to ride thru them.
The riders generally appeared to be having fun during the event. It was organised after the original Safari was cancelled in March where it was going to head to Victoria for some of the route and the planning and organising involved to plan this was carried out over a considerable time This alternative replanned Safari had to be thrown together with new routes and the organisation done very quickly as Victoria was still in lockdown phase and it was out of the picture for the event. This Safari appeared to lack some of the energy and excitement that previous Safaris exhibited. What makes a great Safari is a well organised and well thought out event with interesting somewhat challenging routes that have made the previous memorable. This Safaris appeared to not demonstrate this.
The group was fairly small yet they seemed to enjoy the ride, I guess it’s better than staying home with a corona virus lockdown.
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