Australian Ringneck sp Semitorquatus

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Australian Ringneck sp Semitorquatus

Postby Bozo » Sun Nov 22, 2020 4:41 pm

The answer to the question is that all 28 parrots have a red frontal band and that the species in WA is semitorquatus and that they are one of four species of the Australian Ringneck Parrot. Those with a weaker red frontal band are likely to be hybrids with the Port Lincoln Parrot.

Homework out of the way I can report a quiet morning at Catalano's with a big absence of those who thought it was just Christmas. Brian 5 turned up to the Breakfast having also been in Jennacubbine.

Seven souls went for a Serpentine ride. Nick, GT, Survey Ross, Just John, Sophie, Dinga and Bozo formed a neat group that headed past Canning Dam and on to Byford where oil was fed to the bumblebee and puzzled riders tried to work out how to get to the battery on a 1000RR (not a key - a 25 Torx).

Past a controlled burn to get to Jarrahdale then on to the 28 parrot decorated cafe at Serpentine Dam. A quick meal was had on the fly and a quoll story with an unhappy ending before heading out past a panoply of MGs to run down the Jarrahdale Hill into Mundijong and along the railway line home.

A very pleasant ride. Thanks to Ross and GT for acting as Tail End Charlies.
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