Is Bakers Hill the pinnacle of pies?

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Is Bakers Hill the pinnacle of pies?

Postby Bozo » Sun Nov 29, 2020 3:31 pm

A massive turn out today with over 40 bikes plus a few drive ins. Lots of new faces. Heavy technical discussion about Leatherman use by audiologists and needling points being made about needle point pliers.

Ten took twisted travelling to a new art form by taking a circuitous route to Bakers Hill. Emperor Eddie, Prof Dist, Gerry, Nannup Nick, Firey Ross, Andrew, Sophie, Ted, Peter Bee and Bozo headed up the scarp in company with lots of other motorcyclists. A nearly normal route got us to Repatriation Road before passing a peleton of pedal pushers on Patterson Road and a run past Mundaring Weir. Prof Dist detached in Mundaring whilst we took Alice, Mildura and Bunning Roads to get to Gidgegannup. A newly minted ride leader challenged the decision to stop at the Gidgegannup Bakery when it was not a prearranged lost point. There was no resolution to this point of order before resuming the ride with a run down Reserve Road and Berry Road. Anxiety gripped the ride leader with an unsealed section due to roadworks on Bailup Road and memories of the stream of complaints when just cleaned bikes had got sprayed in gravel. A quick trip down Burma Road was over before you could mention Ang Sung Su Chi. A short run on Hawke Avenue and Great Eastern Highway before we traversed from Wundowie to Wootatting on Inkpen Road. The connecting link of Yarra Road got us to Talbot West Road.

Sophie got a bee in her bonnet that was happy to wander around without inflicting a sting. Nevertheless her helmet was a more rapid removal than a R1000R seat. Qualen West Road had a few hearts started without electrical impulse when we crossed a big sheet of loose gravel on a corner on a crest. Cutting through Cut Hill Road we arrived at York where the group found it hard to lay a glove on "Iron Mike" Ted. A trailer load of sheep led us out of York with the steady pace of the group enabling us to avoid a freight train. Past a quiet Spencer's Brook Hotel we veered down Trimmer Road to get to the Great Eastern Highway before turning off on to Eadine Road and on to Clackline.

Bakers Hill was positively jumping with the Over 55's Social Club getting pie eyed. Much discussions about the merits of Bakers Hill Bakery pies compared to Miami Bakehouse, Pinjarra Bakery and Toodyay.

A simple run home down Coates and Government Roads then on through Chidlow and Mount Helena. The ride ended in a busy Mundaring.

A very happy group well chaperoned by Peter Bee and corner marked by Andrew.

Thanks to Peter Bee and Andrew.

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Re: Is Bakers Hill the pinnacle of pies?

Postby pspencer » Sun Nov 29, 2020 4:55 pm

Bozo thanks for another well thought out interesting set of deviations to get to a Pie Shop. The eternal question still goes on, who makes the best pies??? Such a pleasure to be Tail End Charlie to such a group of well disciplined riders - great effort. Bozo, no comment on the equine fire nozzle we saw on Bunning Rd ??? :lol: :lol:
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Re: Is Bakers Hill the pinnacle of pies?

Postby anthonyp0808 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:11 pm

Saw you all leaving from Giddgie bakery this morning as I pulled in - y'all looked pretty pie'd-up. Thanks to those who waved.
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