Tropical Thursday!!

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Tropical Thursday!!

Postby Swampy » Thu Dec 10, 2020 3:58 pm

I thought I would be clever and beat the heat and sultry weather forecast for today!! 8)

So I left home at 0700 and climbed Brookton Highway directly in the suns early morning glare, took a peaceful and quiet ride past the Mundaring Weir and through Parkerville to emerge on Toodyay road.

A steady run through Gidgey as the temperature rose to 33C and the humidity climbed with it which made for an uncomfortable seat!! :roll:

Major Bush clearance is taking place as you get closer to Toodyay as it appears the authorities are preparing to straighten part of the highway as a great swathe of bush is being bulldozed with the resultant clinging clouds of dust drifting over the road!!

Arrived at the Cola Cafe and ordered a large delicious breakfast as I left home without one!!

I decided to ring Ahab (Mike) to join me for a coffee as I had earlier promised to do so but found that I had omitted to add his number when I replaced my phone earlier in the year!! :roll: (Sorry Mike, Hope you are healing okay mate?)
Returned home before lunch after a good ride made a little uncomfortable with the prevalent humidity but Elsie is always happy for me to throw the leg whenever I can!!

Police presence has notably increased with both marked and unmarked vehicles lurking on the highways!!

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Re: Tropical Thursday!!

Postby brian/5 » Thu Dec 10, 2020 5:30 pm

Joined four other mad riders for coffee at Mojo’s. Travelling to Mundaring via Mundaring Weir Road in the morning it was relatively cool at 28deg, felt almost cool when it dropped to 27 in some of the valleys.

After a bit of socializing two of the crazy ones heated inland for more heat and possibly to catch with another mad single rider in Toodyay. The other slightly saner one’s head for home. Once down on the coast plain the temperature rose up to 35deg. Just a little warn for a comfortable ride.

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Re: Tropical Thursday!!

Postby pspencer » Thu Dec 10, 2020 5:58 pm

Sorry could not make it today. But it looks like the usuals were out in the countryside- Great! Thanks Swampy and B5 for the ride reports, allowing me to see what I missed. Hope to see you all on Sunday.
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Re: Tropical Thursday!!

Postby old betsy » Thu Dec 10, 2020 6:33 pm

Swampy wrote:
I decided to ring Ahab (Mike) to join me for a coffee as I had earlier promised to do so but found that I had omitted to add his number when I replaced my phone earlier in the year!! :roll: (Sorry Mike, Hope you are healing okay mate?)


Because I came down to Malaga early this morning. On my way home I looked into the cafe to see if I recognized anyone. Yep , there was some grey hair that I recognized so stopped in.

Wes & Nick were there waiting for food to come out. So sat down and had a chat. I asked after my old mate Swampy, with blank looks on their faces didn't know where you were. Only to have Mike the owner from the cafe over hear me asking after you. He informed us that you were a fair weather rider and you were almost knocking down his door for breakfast. As you didn't want to get wet or hot.

I'll send you my ph number for next time.
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Re: Tropical Thursday!!

Postby WESR1150GSA » Thu Dec 10, 2020 7:16 pm

Nick and I enjoyed the run on mixture of tar and gravel roads into Toodyay with the temperature bumping up to 40degrees . Special thoughts to those unable to make it inland from the cooler climates today. I understand the weather on Sunday morning will be more suitable for some.
Wes :roll:
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