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Spotting Fires

Postby Bozo » Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:27 pm

Another happy mob at Catalano's this morning including Rayner, a long term member, getting back to his bike. Good to see Beemer Dave creating mischief.

Raider (of the lost IPhone) was another member gracing the group on his sparkling R18. His efforts at amusing the club with an offroad video of the R18 made him a winner of one of the recent club awards. The bottle of red wine presented to him may be consumed in a very remote location as he goes about searching for the good oil.

Eleven riders with bushfire maps at the ready hoped to be able to have a Sunday Ride without detours from idiot lit conflagrations. DFS, Stoy, Firey Ross, Just John, Wes, Rayner, Paul, Adrian, Bill, Swampy and Bozo headed to Pickering Brook to thread through the cyclists for a run around Mundaring Weir. A fire truck with lights flashing greeted us on Mundaring Weir Road and another one in Sawyers Valley. Bill thought better of getting roasted on a hot day and bailed at Mundaring. Wes and Firey Ross left the group at the Lakes. The surviving eight battled emus, kangaroos and bird strikes to complete a run from Talbot West Road, York Williams Road, Top Beverley Road, Spencers Brook Road, Trimmer Road and Eadine Road to get to a favourite stretch of tarmac between Clackline and Toodyay. Arriving in town we were given cheery waves from the Coca Cola Cafed duo of Wes and Firey Ross.

The Toodyay Bakery was closed and as we joined Swampy at the Coca Cola Cafe. More details of fence jumping kangaroos and mirror striking birds were shared over toasted sandwiches and coffee. There is a set of stop lights on the stretch of Toodyay Road between town and the Northam turnoff. Fortunately we were unaffected on the way out as we took Racecourse Road, Drummond Road and Sandplain Road to get to Salt Valley Road to tip back out onto Toodyay Road at Fernie Road.

Thanks to Swampy for staying with us to Toodyay to be a very efficient tail end Charlie. Thanks to DFS for doing the role on the run home and to Stoy for helping with corner marking.

Great to have a new face on the ride (Paul) and the return of Rayner after a bit of an absence. Very happy that we did not have to ride through any smoke. Good luck that the two birds that hit Stoy's bike just rotated a mirror.

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