CRAFT the plain meaning version of Alzheimer's

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CRAFT the plain meaning version of Alzheimer's

Postby Bozo » Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:32 pm

An impressive roll up again with a stray Suzuki sidecar amongst the bikes. Rob arrived in an immaculate low kilometre BMW Z3.

Nine memory challenged riders indulged in the CRAFT program with a swing through the hills. DFS, Ted, JonO, Just John, Kim, Russell, Adrian, Peter and Bozo headed out with the temperature in the mid 20's. A simple ride was complicated when Bozo forgot to turn onto Canning Road and we needed to loop Repatriation Road. Another memory failure had the group having to take a detour by Canning Mills Road and Chevin Road. On Albany Highway Bozo forgot he was leading a group but pulled up at Jarrahdale Road just in time and the group safely arrived at the Serpentine Dam Cafe. A straight faced Kim explained the role of CRAFT in Alzheimer's and that it was the most common symptom. The group exchanged stories about drivers who obviously saw them but then proceed to pull out or turn in front of them. Another theme was failure to remember to tighten plugs and grub screws. The group agreed that we all needed to be more "present" and concluded the break with neuroplasticity exercises. The therapy had some unintended consequences with Bozo getting on Peter's bike and Kim leading a break away group direct to South West Highway. Fortunately a group of six emus were sufficiently present to not cross the road in front of us. The heat hit us as we descended the Scarp with the temperature rising 8 degrees.

Given how the group responded to therapy it is best that we just keep telling the same stories each Sunday knowing that for most of the group they will have forgotten by next Sunday.

Thanks to Peter Bee for running as tail end Charlie.


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Re: CRAFT the plain meaning version of Alzheimer's

Postby pspencer » Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:58 pm

Wow Bozo did we do all that - CRAFT! Thanks anyhow! Good idea for shorter ride as 37 degrees on Tonkin on way home. Now locked down till Friday so good to get that ride under our belt. Take care everyone. 8)
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