Crossing Double White Lines

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Crossing Double White Lines

Postby Bozo » Sun Feb 21, 2021 3:37 pm

A good turn out today for the weekly gathering of the BMW MC Club.

Noel's 40's Harley was getting a bit of attention as were the bike identification and passing cyclist pictures on His Royal Griceness' Phone.

The 7 riders who headed north were briefly boosted by Swampy who then headed for places south. DFS, Nick, Rainer, Adrian, Ted, Peter and Bozo were put in the position of having to cross double white lines to pass hundreds of cyclists in the Kalamunda 100 as we travelled through the Bickley Valley and passed Mundaring Weir.

Normally crossing double white lines results in 3 demerit points and a $150 fine. Our road rules were modified when the 1.0 metre up to 60 kph and 1.5 metre over 60 kph clearances to cyclists were introduced so you are able to legally cross a continuous centre line.
The words on the Road Safety Commission website:
Exceptions: - If you are overtaking a cyclist, or you need to avoid an obstruction, you may cross the continuous centre line(s) or edge line providing you have a clear view of any approaching traffic, and it is safe to do so.

With some cyclists two or three abreast and others weaving from side to side you almost had to be fully on the wrong side of the road to give the 1.5 metre clearance.

Getting safely through the ride splitting traffic light at Mundaring we detoured through Anketell Road to avoid another cycling event.

Travelling down Reserve Road there was a clear demarcation of the start of the fire ground. Even though many houses were saved in this area the view across the valleys of the massive burnt area gave a clear indication of the scope of the fire. Western Power crews had shut half of O'Brien Road to replace burnt power poles and to restring power lines. The fire retardant paint applied to the wooden poles had resulted in what looked like 1.5 metre long pipes left on the ground as the insides of the poles were burnt.

Cyclists call the steep valley on O'Brien Road, Death Valley. It certainly looked like that today. We travelled via Lancewood Road and even it was not wide enough to act as a fire break. At the Avon Lookout the work to cut fire breaks in the steep ground was evident but so was the burnt area right across the valley.

The front of the group just got through before a train pulled up Peter and DFS in their tracks. A regather at Gingers was followed by a run along Warbrook, Railway and Neaves Road to get to Old Yanchep Road. An incident free run along Military and Gingin Brook Roads got us to the cafe at Gingin. Helmets, road rules and communication systems were the dominant topics before a run home along Moolabeenie Road and through the Chittering Valley.

Thanks to Peter for running as tail end Charlie.
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Re: Crossing Double White Lines

Postby pspencer » Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:10 pm

Thanks Bozo for leading a great ride through many moving obstacles. Another excellent ride report to show to others what they missed. No one lost no breakdowns all smooth sailing, makes it so easy for TEC.
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