Friday Ride 5th Byford Dome

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Friday Ride 5th Byford Dome

Postby brian/5 » Wed Mar 03, 2021 9:18 am

It looks as is Friday will be a much more pleasant day for a ride.
( Although if there a gap in the weather I might still go to Mojo's on Thursday for a coffee )

If weather is still looking good would like to go south and have a look at the Wellington Dam Mural.
Friday forecast for Collie is 30% chance of 0 - 1mm rain.

Plan to be departing Dome Byford around 9:00ish. With the usual swing past Shell Ascot at 7:45

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Re: Friday Ride 5th Byford Dome

Postby brian/5 » Fri Mar 05, 2021 8:02 pm

Joined up with Nick, Robin & DFS for a coffee at Byford Dome.
Headed directly down the highway via Nth Dandalup to Pinjarra where we had an exchange of riders. Nick turned back heading for home. He either did want to risk another puncher or was happy that he had scrubbed in his new rear tyre.

The route after Pinjarra was the usual rat run down Old Bunbury, Brownes, MayField, Somers and Brancel Roads to the SouthWestern Hwy. Along the way a there was a quick stop to add some wet weather gear. Then through to Yarloop with more clothing added by some.

The amended forecast had increased to chance of rain from 25% up to 50%. This seemed to be the case with occasional showers every so often. Alternating dry & wet roads.

After Yarloop it was along Eckersley, Government and Hope Roads to returning to the SWHwy at Wolalup. Then up Mornington to Gastaldo & Coalfields Road, then down Wellington Dam Road to have lunch at the Kiosk at the Dam. Despite being busy the service and food was good, except for a forgotten carrot cake which was promptly supplied. Some of the customers were surprised that we were enjoyed riding motorcycles in the rain.

The mural on the dam was quite spectacular. A quick stop to take a few photos away from the crowd at base of the dam. The trip home along the enjoyable one-way River Road, then down Pile & Henty to return home via SWHwy. Robin carried down Pile Road following his GPS instructions to home. For me overall round trip was just over 400kms needing a refueling stop at Coolup, it would have been more for DFS.
A very pleasant days riding

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Re: Friday Ride 5th Byford Dome

Postby pspencer » Sat Mar 06, 2021 7:09 am

Sounds like the mural has attracted visitors - good for Collie. Thanks for the ride report B5 8)
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