Quindanning Nonet

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Quindanning Nonet

Postby Bozo » Sun Mar 07, 2021 5:48 pm

A solid attendance at the Sunday coffee with Rod Rocket Peter and Monster arriving on a sharp looking K1600 GT. Querulous quotations greeted the announced Q destination with queries whether a quorum would assemble for a quick quiet quest to Quindanning.

14 riders and a pillion started with Rod Rocket Peter and Monster, Nadia, Robin, Prof Dist, Mark, Nick, DFS, Andrew, Adrian, Bruce, Rainer, Frank, Peter Bee and Bozo heading up the scarp and past Canning Dam to get to Albany Highway. Rod Rocket Peter and Monster, Nadia, Robin and Prof Dist peeled off leaving ten to spread themselves out along Albany Highway.

The countryside around Wandering was wet and green as the decet (group of 10) scythed its way through the landscape and through Crossman. A lot of detritus had been washed onto the road and there was also evidence of water having flooded across the road. Quinny bound DFS was having pinny problems in a card operated servo at Boddington that refused to recognise his Apple watch. It may have worked if he was able to insert the watch into the card slot. Mark left the group turning it into a nonet and missed out on a brilliant traffic free winding run from Boddington to Quindanning. Lots of complaints from riders not bringing their liners as the ride temperature was in the low 20's.

The Quinny burger dominated the refuellling at Quindanning before a run home via Lower Hotham Road and into Dwellingup. We ran into a very large group of female riders from the GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies on Wheels) Memorial Ride. A run down Del Park Road and on to home via Hopeland Road and Lightbody Road before the group split up at Mundijong Road.

Thanks to accelerating Andrew for corner marking and to Peter Bee for dealing with more shedding than a Covid quarantine hotel and running as tail end Charlie.

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Re: Quindanning Nonet

Postby pspencer » Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:49 am

Bozo absolute pleasure as always. Great ride with great riders- no issues for TEC. When you go off touring stay safe and we look forward to your return.
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