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Bozoless Journey

Postby pspencer » Sun Mar 14, 2021 6:59 pm

With Bozo heading East and a solid number of riders at Mt Marshall, Catalanos was a bit quiet this morning. But who could not take advantage of clear blue skies and a max of 30 degrees to hit the bitumen. Only 4 decided a ride was the way to go so it was Nick, Andrew and the ever trusty Swampy that joined me to leave Cats and head towards the Miami Bakery for eats and a chat.
Through Pickering Brook and down to Kelmscott, heading south, to Serpentine where Swamps bailed out to head to home to continue with his furniture restoration business. The three Amigos pushed on through Pinjarra and Coolup crossed the Forrest Hwy and took in the beauty of Dawesville and the Collins Pool ( didn’t know it was called that but Google can’t be wrong :?: ). Slipped into the Miami Bakery at Falcon just before midday so great timing.
Andrew educated me about Quantum Computers so as I’ve always said as long as you learn something every day it’s a great day!
We all made our own way home so I was home around 3 after approx 300km.
Thanks to Swampy and Andrew for TEC duties and Nick for joining us.
Although numbers were down a throughly pleasant Sunday ride.
Thanks for the crew that bought some honey. More available after Easter, text me on 0403433652 to order some.
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