Thursday May 5th - Mojo

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Thursday May 5th - Mojo

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Brian, Chris & Robbie left Gloria Jean 07:45 for the cool run up through Helena Valley to Mojo’s where we met up with Pilbara Ross and Bill. Only three carried on for the ride and as two of us wanting the be back a bit earlier it was a shorter run than usual up to Toodyay with only a few deviations. Thoroughly enjoying the recently seal Lovers Lame and down River Rd before exiting at the racecourse. Keeping to the hills gave some protection from the strong winds that were prevailing. B/5 and Bill departed via Julimar with Robbie headed south for a longer ride home.

Unknown to us a separate group departing from the Dome to have a longer ride to Toodyay arriving just as we were preparing to leave.

Any very enjoyable day out riding.
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