An Old Fashioned swampy Ride

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An Old Fashioned swampy Ride

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Four Dandy Boys and a Dandy lady braved a chill brisk bright sunny morning to meet at the Dome in Mundaring for a very welcome coffee reviver!

Vic, Scruff, Sophie, Nick and even Rob on his beautiful airhead attended sat and chatted while we thawed out before Scruff minus Vic, lead the rest of us through his back yard in the hills to eventually emerge to cross over Toodyay rd. onto O'Brian rd. which now has police cameras mounted.

A steady ride up and down hill and vale winding through it's may bends brought back out on T/yay rd, a bit further up the track.

We turned on to Bailup and Burma road before arriving back on T/yay rd. where I took over the lead as we headed down Sandplain road onto River Road and entered the lovely town of Toodyay from the Julimar road direction.

During our lunch stop Scruff bought up the subject of how he remembered how the Thursday Rides began!

I always took a solo ride on Thursday's as it was my wife's shopping day and it was a good excuse for me to do my own thing. This went on since I can remember and until one day I mentioned it to Scruff who asked if he could tag along.
Word spread and then it was Peter asking to tag along and eventually over a period of time the Thursday "Swampy" Ride became a regular and popular event and it has developed into what now is a permanent Club Fixture.

Like most people I still like to do my own thing at times and take off by myself but you also can't beat getting together with a group of guys and girls to have that personal interaction with people you can enjoy a good old fashioned conversation and belly laugh with as well as cruise about our wonderful Western Australian countryside to share the pleasure of a good ride with like minded people.

I am at times surprised at the amount of people we have registered as members of the BMWMCCWA who don't actually join in or attend in the club functions and club rides. I realise not everyone has the time available to attend the regular Sunday morning get together for breakfast at Catalano's or Dome in Victoria Park or weekend getaway's or other formal functions!!
But I also believe that some of these members also don't realise what they are depriving themselves of!!

Good Fellowship, Good Friends, enjoyable company with a vast pool of knowledge which is freely available to them regarding all things BMW Bikes!!

Come down and introduce yourself and I'm sure in most cases you won't regret it!!

Thanks for the company and excellent ride guys and girl!!

"I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains.
Of rugged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons, I love her jeweled sea.
Her beauty and her terror, the wide brown land for me."
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